Friday Fill-Ins

Friday Fill-Ins #60

This is my first time doing this, but it looks like fun!!!

1. Exploring is the best thing about traveling.
2. I love a good cup of hot chocolate when I’m cold.
3. I often use ink pens when balancing my check book, even though I know I shouldn’t.
4. I’m reading From a Buick 8 right now; I am not too sure I’m going to like it.
5. Politics is something I dislike talking about.
6. When I visited Paris I most looked forward to seeing the Eiffel Tower.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching House with Nathan, tomorrow my plans include going to the SIU-Nevada game and Sunday, I want to skip David’s birthday dinner!

2 thoughts on “Friday Fill-Ins #60”

  1. Hot chocolate sounds good right about now. Ooo! Sidetracked by a rainbow outside my window!

    Politics can be a difficult subject to talk about. I have a small circle of friends I know I can discuss politics with who won’t jump down my throat if we disagree, whereas with most everyone else, I try and keep it on the surface if it’s brought up at all.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Welcome to the Friday Fill-Ins!

    How’s From a Buick 8 going?

    What did you like most about Paris? I liked the fact that I fell in love with Paris, when I didn’t think I’d like it too much at all.

    Thanks for playing 🙂

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