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White Hot by Sandra Brown

White Hot
by Sandra Brown

Copyright: 2004
Pages: 579
Rating: 4/5
Read: Oct. 11-16, 2008
Challenge: No challenge; personal read

First Line: Some said that if he was going to kill himself, he couldn’t have picked a better day for it.

When Sayre Lynch’s little brother, Danny, commits suicide, Sayre breaks her vow that she would never return to her hometown. She comes back for the funeral. But what she finds when she gets back is that nothing has really changed. Her father is still a tyrant who owns the iron foundry, her other brother is still running the place, but they have hired a lawyer by the name of Beck Merchant. It is Beck that sort of reaches out to Sayre when she first gets there – but is he doing that because her father ordered him to or is it for other reasons…. either way, what she will find in her little hometown will end up surprising her.

I really enjoyed this book. I read a lot of it on a plane ride, and it was perfect for that! The pages just fly by once you get into it. And the ending is really great, I highly recommend this book!!

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