E-Reader Suggestions?

Okay … so I want to make the jump to the e-reader. But I’m stumped as to which one to buy. Kindle – Nook – Sony? I’m kind of leaning towards either the Kindle or the Sony. I like the fact that the Sony would be more flexible for other sources of ebooks. But I also like to one-stop shopping of the Kindle and Nook. The prices seem to be cheaper on Amazon than Barnes and Noble. But the books on that can go on the Sony are even cheaper. Price isn’t really an issue for me right now – this will be my large Christmas gift from my grandmother. I really want something easy to use. So let’s start a discussion, pros/cons of the different e-readers. Ready? Go!

1 thought on “E-Reader Suggestions?”

  1. When I was deciding on an eReader, my candidates were the Sony Touch, Nook and the Kindle. Then I had it narrowed down to the Nook and the Kindle.I ultimately went with the Kindle. I know more people with a Kindle so if I had any questions about it, there would be someone for me to turn to. Then there are the free Kindle reads. It also seemed to me that the Kindle paved the way for eReaders. I guess that’s because it was the first eReader I had heard of. Once I learned about the Kindle, I then found out about others. I am now on my 2nd Kindle (had the 2nd gen then the 3rd gen came out and I had to have it) and I love it. If you have any questions about the Kindle, email me. I have some pictures of my K2 and my K3 on my blog. Some things to consider: Nook is coming out with color eReader with a 7″, which is very nice. And the Kindle will soon have the lending feature.

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