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The 5th Horseman by James Patterson

The 5th Horseman
by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

Copyright: 2006
Pages: 428
Rating: 4/5
Read: July 27-28, 2008
Challenge: No challenge; personal read

First Line: Rain was drumming hard against the windows when the midnight-to-8:00 rounds began at San Francisco Municipal Hospital.

People are dying at Municipal Hospital in San Francisco. It’s a hospital, of course people will die there. But doctors are stumped as to why there are recovering patients that are dying. People that should not be dying are dying. Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer becomes convinced that someone at the hospital is playing God. But the hospital is pulling out all the stops in order to protect its reputation. It will wage a court battle with the family members of twenty deceased patients. All the while, Lindsay and the Women’s Murder Club are hunting down a merciless killer.

This one was okay. Definitely not the best in the series (that one still goes to the 3rd in my opinion) but I enjoyed it. As always, it was a quick and fun read with a lot of twists and turns along the way. And the ending was great!! I highly recommend this series to those who have not experienced it yet, I love it!!

3/5, AUTHOR, Book Review, Fiction, J, Read in 2008

Name Withheld by J.A. Jance

Name Withheld
by J.A. Jance
Copyright: 1996
Pages: 392
Rating: 3/5
Read: July 24-27, 2008
Challenge: Initials Challenge

First Line: With Seattle’s New Year’s fireworks display due to begin soon, the Peters girls – nine-year-old Heather and ten-year-old Tracy – and I shut down our Uno game at twenty minutes before midnight.

When a dead man’s body is found in Elliot Bay, Detective J.P. Beaumont catches the case. What he is faced with is a man, as a biotech executive, has made many enemies along the way. So it’s easy to say that this was a man who was hated and wanted dead by many people. But things are not as they seem. Instead of an open-and-shut case, there are many twists and turns along the way, including the man’s boss admitting that he should be prime suspect number one, and a little old lady from the suburbs confessing to the murder. It will take a lot of thinking for Beaumont to straighten this one out.
Okay, this is the first book that I’ve ever read by J.A. Jance. And I hate to say it, but this will probably be the only book I read. I just was not impressed by it. It honestly sounded like a good book, but I felt that the writing was seriously lacking. It was just okay for me. Nothing spectacular by any means, though.
3/5, AUTHOR, B, Book Review, Nonfiction, Read in 2008

Blood Brother by Anne Bird

Blood Brothers: 33 Reasons My Broher Scott Peterson is Guilty
by Anne Bird
Copyright: 2005
Pages: 211
Rating: 3/5
Read: July 22-24, 2008
Challenge: Triple Eight – True Crime Category

First Line: On a quiet midweek afternoon in early June 1997, I received a phone call that almost destroyed my life.

Anne Bird is one of the two children that Jackie Peterson gave up as a young woman. When Anne first met Jackie and her family she was glad that it turned out the way that it did. When she meets the “Golden Boy” of the family, Scott, she takes to him immediately. If she had known when she first met her “new” family what was to come she probably would have been a little more cautious. But whatever the reason, she became caught up in the Scott Peterson investigation in a way that no person should ever have to. Her family ties make her want to prove everybody wrong about Scott but her instincts tell her that things just aren’t adding up.
This was probably not the best book on this subject. But I am glad that I read this one. It was interesting to see it from this point of view. She was a part of the family and then yet again she really wasn’t because her adoptive family was the family that she really knew and trusted. And yet I understood why she was hesitant to believe that Scott could have done such a thing as kill his wife and unborn child. I am very interested in everything about this trial, having watched it all unfold daily. But like I said, not the best book to read regarding this case, but definitely worth your time.
3/5, AUTHOR, Book Review, Fiction, K, Maggie O'Dell, Read in 2008, SERIES

The Soul Catcher by Alex Kava

The Soul Catcher
by Alex Kava
Copyright: 2002
Pages: 402
Rating: 3/5
Read: July 20-23, 2008
Challenge: Triple Eight – From my TBR Shelf Category; A Well-Rounded Challenge; Series
Challenge Season 2

First Line: Eric Pratt leaned his head against the cabin wall.

FBI Agent Maggie O’Dell thinks that there will be nothing more than routine when she begins to consult on two separate cases. But as she continues to work, she realizes that there might just be a connection between the two seemingly unrelated cases. And that connection is Reverend Joseph Everett, a charismatic leader of a religious sect. But Maggie is not at all prepared when she learns that her mother is part of Everett’s group. Unfortunately the only way that Maggie is going to be able to figure out what is going on with Everett is to use her mother as a pawn in a deadly trap.
I’m going to be honest here. There are currently 5 books in this series. Reading this third book in the series, brings me to a total of reading 4 of the 5. And although I read the first, second and fourth late last year, I vaguely remember them. And I hate to say it, this is the worst one I’ve read. I was just disappointed with this one. I was really flying through this one and enjoyed it right up until the end. The ending was just horrible! It sucked, to be honest. It was just a complete let down to end the book in such a fashion (a horribly unbelievable fashion). I have the fifth in the series on hold at the library and hope that it’s better.
4/5, AUTHOR, Book Review, Dismas Hardy, Fiction, L, Read in 2008, SERIES

Dead Irish by John Lescroart

Dead Irish
by John Lescroart
Copyright: 1989
Pages: 420
Rating: 4/5
Read: July 16-20, 2008
Challenge: Triple Eight – First in a Series Category

First Line: From his aisle seat, Dismas Hardy had a clear view of the stewardess as her feet lifted from the floor.

Dismas is a former husband, father, cop and attorney. Currently he’s living alone and tending the bar at the Little Shamrock. All he wants is some normalcy in his life. What he gets instead for his good friend and boss to ask him to look into the death of his brother-in-law, Eddie Cochran. The police think it’s a suicide, but his family thinks it’s a murder. As Dismas dives into this new task he doesn’t know how to explain it, but he feels that the family is right – Eddie was murdered. Now as his ex-wife reappears in his life, his friend at the police department, Abe Glitsky can’t seem to believe Hardy’s murder claims, he doesn’t know what else to do. But he knows that he wants to do right for his boss’s sister, Frannie, her unborn child, and Eddie’s family. But what he will find in the end will shock everyone.
This is the first in the Dismas Hardy series. I really, really, really enjoyed this one! The person who ends up being the murderer was completely surprising for me. I’m looking forward to exploring more of this series when I get the chance.
4/5, AUTHOR, Book Review, C, Fiction, Harry Bosch, Read in 2008, SERIES

The Black Echo by Michael Connelly

The Black Echo
by Michael Connelly
Copyright: 1992
Pages: 412
Rating: 4/5
Read: July 9-16, 2008
Challenge: Celebrate the Author Challenge; Triple 8 – First in a Series Category

First Line: The boy couldn’t see in the dark, but he didn’t need to.

LAPD homicide cop Harry Bosch is surprised when he is able to identify the body in the drainpipe. It’s Billy Meadows, a fellow Vietnam “tunnel rat” who fought side by side with him. But Billy’s murder turns up evidence that there’s more than just murder to this story. Meadows’ death will take Bosch to clues of a bank heist that was never solved. It’s when working with a female FBI agent that Bosch will discover the true identity of the bank robber and murderer, and it’s a familiar and shocking face.
I enjoyed this book. I thought that it was a slow start, but the ending was REALLY good! Perhaps it was just because I’ve been swamped at work and haven’t had much spare time to read lately. Either way, I’m glad that I finally read this book. It is definitely an interesting read and one that should not be missed.
3/5, AUTHOR, Book Review, F, Fiction, Read in 2008

The Disappearance by J.F. Freedman

The Disappearance
by J.F. Freedman

Copyright: 1998
Pages: 486
Rating: 3/5
Read: July 1-8, 2008
Challenge: Initials Challenge

First Line: The weather had been raw and miserable virtually every day for two months; this was the worst winter in a couple of decades, way worse than those of ’95 or ’82, a continuous, relentless, El Nino-driven hard-falling rain from right after Christmas all through January and February, torrential sheets of cold piercing needles crashing down days at a time without cessation, soaking the ground past saturation, waterlogging everyone and everything.

When fourteen-year-old Emma Lancaster vanishes from her bedroom one night everyone panics. The daughter of a prominent media tycoon, something like this was not supposed to happen to their family. But when her body is found eight days later, all hell breaks loose. Although their are no immediate suspects, her death rips her family and friends apart. A year later when a close family friend is arrested after incriminating evidence is found in his car, it looks like an open-and-shut case. But it will end up being far from that. Defense attorney Luke Garrison has a funny feeling about this case and not even an assassins bullet will stop him from trying to discover the truth.

This book was okay for me. It was extremely slow in the beginning. But it picked up the pace. I found that about 200 pages into it was when it really picked up. The ending was twisted, I never would have guessed which way the author was going to go. I enjoyed the ending a lot. But like I said, it was just an average book.

4/5, AUTHOR, Book Review, Fiction, Lucas Davenport, Read in 2008, S, SERIES

Invisible Prey by John Sandford

Invisible Prey
by John Sandford

Copyright: 2007
Pages: 420
Rating: 4/5
Read: July 1-6, 2008
Challenge: No Challenge; personal read

First Line: An anonymous van, some-kind-of-pale, cruised Summit Avenue, windows dark with the coming night.

When two elderly women are murdered in a wealthy Minneapolis neighborhood, it looks like a random robbery gone wrong with nothing of real value being stolen. But when Lucas Davenport begins to probe the murder he realizes that this was not only not random but things of major value were stolen. As he continues investigating, he sees a pattern emerge and one can only wonder what path it will lead him down….

This book was really, super good! I really enjoyed it. It is fast paced and enjoyable. You know who the killers are early on in the book but it’s an enjoyable ride trying to figure out how Lucas is going to pull it all together. Highly recommended.


Presidential Reading Challenge

Presidential Reading Challenge
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*I am choosing to do Level 3
* Read 5 books
* Can be fiction or nonfiction, has to be about President/First Lady or some connection to the President
* July 4, 2008 – July 4, 2009

I have yet to choose my books. I will add to this list as I go, but I will definitely be reading something on Lincoln and something on Kennedy.