Challenge Wrap-Up

Finished Challenge – What’s in a Name Challenge

I finished my second challenge! Woo! I just finished the What’s in a Name Challenge hosted by Annie. This one seemed to be difficult for me. I think I changed every single selection that I had made at the beginning of the year. LOL! Oh well. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, though.

As laid out by the rules, the participants were to read 6 books with different words in the titles. Color, Animal, First Name, Place, Weather Event, and Plant were the words that had to be in the titles.

For this challenge I read:

  1. Mary Higgins Clark, Two Little Girls in Blue
  2. Tom Coffey, The Serpent Club
  3. Erica Spindler, See Jane Die
  4. Mark Fuhrman, Murder in Greenwich
  5. Iris Johansen, Firestorm
  6. Ann Rule, A Rose for her Grave

I believe that the Johansen and Rule books are the only ones that were on my original list. The others I exchanged for some reason or another. LOL. Not quite sure why!! Oh well! I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. I was able to overlap three of these books with other challenges.

Favorite: See Jane Die (Spindler)
Least Favorite: The Serpent Club (Coffey)

Overall, great challenge Annie!!

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