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The Woods by Harlan Coben

The Woods
by Harlan Coben
Copyright: 2007
Pages: 508
Rating: 5/5
Read: May 24-27, 2008
Challenge: No challenge; personal read

First Line: I see my father with that shovel.

Prosecutor Paul Copeland is still dealing with the loss of his sister, Camille, twenty years ago. One night she walked into the woods with her summer camp boyfriend and never came out. While working one of the biggest cases of his career, new evidence comes to light. A man’s body has been found, brutally murdered. Evidence points to Copeland, who insists that he is looking at the body of his sister’s boyfriend. The possibility that Gil survived that night brings hope to Copeland that perhaps Camille did as well. Now on a mission to find out the real truth about his sister and that awful night in his teenage past, he will open doors that have been closed for quite some time … doors that most people want to remain closed.
This book was really, really good! I was hooked in from the first few paragraphs. For someone who has been in quite the reading slump, this book was a wonderful relief! This book came highly recommended to me from my mother and grandmother … and for those of you reading this blog: Read this book! Immediately! It is definitely NOT to be missed!!!

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