Book Giveaway

And the winners are….

The two winners of my two copies of Dr. Mancheski’s The Chemist are:

Jennifer Baker


Kim V.

Congratulations!!!! I will be contacting you shortly by e-mail for your shipping information so that I can get these books out to you!! Thanks everyone for submitting their names for this contest. Thanks everyone!!


Reminder about Book Giveaway

This is just a quick reminder to let you know that tonight is the night for the drawing that I am hosting. I have two copies of Dr. Janson Mancheski’s The Chemist to give away. You can read my review here. It is currently 5:05 pm CENTRAL time. I will be drawing names at 8pm CENTRAL time. So anyone who wants to get their names in at the last minute must do so by 7:30pm CENTRAL time in order to be in this drawing. Please GO HERE TO SIGN UP. I’m stressing the central time so much because I know the time differences can be confusing and just want to be ultra clear here. So once again, thank you for entering and good luck!!!