Why my reading is so sucky lately …..

Okay, I thought I would post on here to show everyone why my reading sucks right now! I read 3 books in the month of March. OUCH! My goal of 100 books in 2009 is starting to become an impossibility. I don’t even want to admit to how many books I’ve really read in 2009 (it’s under 20). However, I have good reasons.

  1. I bought a house in December. We worked all January getting it fixed up.
  2. February I spent most of the month finishing up on getting the house move-in ready and actually moved on February 20th.
  3. Work was crazy busy in March (which is unusual for us in March, we usually don’t pick up until May – I work at a concrete company).
  4. However the biggest reason for only reading 3 books in March ………



He’s a Westie. His name is Buster. He’s a sweetie – but he’s taking up all our patience, lol! But we love him all the same. Once we get through the potty training issues he’s going to be a great dog. I take him to work with me everyday, he loves it. On the days that I have to work at the other office (Mondays & Fridays) my mom dog sits for me. So there’s the reason why I’ve been MIA on my blog, why I’ve not been reading a whole lot – but he’s my pride and joy 🙂

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