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Booking Through Thursday, Aug. 27, 2009 – Recent Fluff

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What’s the lightest, most “fluff” kind of book you’ve read recently?

Hmmm …. as a general rule “fluff” books don’t interest me, but I’ve noticed that here lately they’ve been a welcome change in between the more serious books that I tend to read. They are really more filler than anything for me. So let’s see, I guess the most recent “fluff” book that I have read would have been An Ice Cold Grave by Charlaine Harris. This is the third in the Harper Connelly series. For some reason I have really enjoyed this series, I’m slightly bummed to know that the fourth book due out in October of this year will be the final in this series (although this isn’t a series that could have been long running anyway). It was a really easy light read for me and I enjoyed it!!