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Mailbox Monday, Sept. 14, 2009

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Tuesday, September 8
Shakespeare's Landlord Shakespeare’s Landlord by Charlaine Harris

Disguising herself with short hair and baggy clothes, Lily Bard has started over in the sleepy town of Shakespeare, Arkansas, where – working as a cleaning lady – she can sweep away the secrets of her dark and violent past. When Lily discovers the dead body of her nosy landlord, her plan to live a quiet, unobserved life starts to crumble. Lily doesn’t care who did it. But as the unwanted attentions of the police chief and a suspicious community fall on her, she soon realizes if she doesn’t unmask the murderer, her life might do more than crumble … it might end.

After loving the Harper Connelly series and enjoying the first of the Roe Teagarden series, I put this one on my PBS wishlist and received it rather quickly. So I’m looking forward to trying out this series as well.

Friday, September 11
The Daughter by Jasmine Cresswell The Daughter by Jasmine Cresswell

Fifteen-year-old Maggie is convicted of her mother’s murder. Maggie’s guilty of many things … But not of that. Seven years later she escapes from prison. Maggie Slade’s been on the run for seven years now. Seven years of dead-end jobs. Seven years of never forming friendships, never falling in love. Seven years of living without a future because she’s a woman with a past. And then she meets Sean McLeod. A cop. And they fall in love. Only two things can happen – he can turn Maggie in or she can escape again. Or … they can learn to trust each other. And find a way to prove an Archbishop’s guilt – and Maggie’s innocence!

I received this one today as part of a two book box from PBS. I’ve never even heard of this author, and I’m not sure how this one will end up being, but it sounded interesting and I figured I’d give it a shot.

Trust No One by Christiane Heggan Trust No One by Christiane Heggan

Eight years ago an innocent woman was killed in a terrorist bombing. Now a powerful politician is brutally murdered and an old man dies in a strange accident. Somehow these deaths are parts of the same puzzle – a puzzle that consumes one woman’s life. Julia Bradshaw had every reason to hate her ex-husband, but she didn’t kill him in cold blood. Now the prime suspect in Councilman Paul Bradshaw’s death, Julia is caught up in something more than a case of misinterpreted circumstantial evidence. When reporter Steve Reyes arrives in Monterey to investigate the murder, Julia realizes that there might be a more sinister reason for Paul’s death, one relating to a mysterious terrorist group. A group Steve knows more about than he’s letting on. Desperately trying to put the pieces together and clear her own name, Julia begins to trust one man … when her every instinct is telling her to trust no one.

This was the second book in the two book box from PBS. I’m not sure how this one will be either, but it sounds pretty good so we’ll have to see!!