Last Night Was Awful!!

And by awful, I mean awful!! I had a terrible virus on my computer last night. It took over my whole computer. I couldn’t open ANY of my files. $89 and 2 hours on the phone with McAfee later and the virus was gone!!

And of course what was the first thing that came to my mind: Oh my goodness, my reading lists are in Word Documents, I don’t want to lose them!! So I’m thinking about keeping a paper journal as well as an electronic version. Currently I keep a Word Document, one for each year since 2007, that lists the Title, Copyright and my rating for each book that I read. I’m kind of looking for a new system to keep my information. So I’m posing a question to all my readers: What kind of a system do you use to keep track of your reading? I’m just trying to get some feedback so that I can find a system that will work for me. Any and all advice is greatly welcome! Thanks in advance!!!

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