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REVIEW: The Clouds Roll Away by Sibella Giorello

The Clouds Roll Away
by Sibella Giorello

Copyright: 2010
Pages: 322
Rating: 3/5
Read: Mar. 27-28, 2010
Challenge: 2010 100+ Reading Challenge; Countdown Challenge 2010
Yearly Count: 14

First Line: Winter rode into Richmond on the chattering breath of the Atlantic.

Forensic geologist and FBI agent Raleigh Harmon returns to her hometown of Richmond, Virginia after a disciplary transfer to the FBI’s Seattle office. Determined to change her superior’s opinion of her, Raleigh is almost instantly thrown into a case that has more twists and turns than anyone could have ever imagined. Arriving on the scene at a cross burning at a celebrity’s mansion, Raleigh’s supervisor makes it clear that she must clear this case by the end of the year or else face another transfer. But when Raleigh really starts investigating, she fears that there is more to this case than a simple hate crime. Thrown into the world of Richmond’s drug dealing, it will take Raleigh a lot of strength to survive this case.

This book was sent to me for review by Amy Currie with Phenix & Phenix Publicists. I was intrigued by the description of this book, it really appealed to me. I knew going into it that it was a Christian fiction book – something I do not usually read. Overall, I thought the book was good, it was a fast paced read for me. However, I had a little bit of trouble with the cookie-cutter sweetness of it all. I guess maybe I read too much of the grittier, more “hard-core” fiction books and am simply used to that writing style. I appreciated that there was very little curse words (if any, I don’t even remember there being any), absolutely no sex, and light Christian references that were not in the least bit offending. That said, I struggled with the author trying to delve into the world of drug dealing, gun smuggling, and blood diamonds with this clean approach. It just didn’t really work for me.. I also didn’t care for Raleigh’s responses to her superior, she just went inside of herself as she was being berated. I wanted her to break out and really give it to her boss sometimes. Overall a good read, but not something that I’m climbing onto the rooftop to rave about.

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