Mailbox Monday, Meme

Mailbox Monday, Sept. 27, 2010

Mailbox Mondays

Mailbox Monday is still on tour, with September’s spot being at Bermudaonion’s Weblog.

This week I had three books come into my house. Here’s what I received:

The Bookman’s Wake by John Dunning (From PBS)
     Denver cop-turned-book-dealer Cliff Janeway is back, lured by an enterprising ex-cop into going to Seattle to bring back a fugitive wanted for assault, burglary, and the possible theft of a priceless edition of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.” The bail jumper turns out to be a young, vulnerable woman who calls herself Eleanor Rigby, and who happens to be a gifted book scout. Janeway finds Eleanor enchanting – and is equally intrigued by the deadly history surrounding the rare volume. Stalked by people willing to kill to get their hands on it, a terrifid Eleanor slips from Janeway’s grasp and disappears. To find her, Janeway must unravel the secrets surrounding the book and its mysteirous maker, for only this knowledge can stop the cruel hand of death from turning another page.

The Third Option by Vince Flynn (From PBS)
     Mitch Rapp, the CIA’s most lethal and efficient counterterrorism operative, is putting into play a meticulous plan to take out a notorious sponsor of terrorism – when he falls prey to government forces with an agenda of their own. Dr. Irene Kennedy is named the successor to dying CIA Director Thomas Stansfield – a choice that enrages many inside the world’s most powerful intelligence agency. And her detractors will resort to extreme measures to prevent her from taking the reins. But what the Washington conspirators and backstabbing insiders do not know is that Mitch Rapp won’t tolerate being their pawn. And he will stop at nothing to find out who has set him up.

Who Killed Bobby?: The Unsolved Murder of Robert F. Kennedy by Shane O’Sullivan (From PBS)
     On June 5, 1968, a jubilant Robert F. Kennedy and his supporters celebrated a first place finish in the California primary, hopeful the crucial win would propel him to the Democratic nominatino for the presidency, and on to the White House. Following a rousing victory speech that practically lifted the roof off the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, there was a last-minute route change as he left the stage. Instead of heading downstairs for another speech, the candidate was directed into the kitchen patnry en route to a press conference. Moments later, in the pantry, shots rang out. The senator lay on th efloor, mortally wounded. Five bystanders were also struck. The assailant was Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, a 24 year old Palestinian immigrant who’d come to California at age 12. Sirhan was arrested and, at first, no one doubted he was the lone assassin – but was he really? This is just one of many key questions posed by Shane O’Sullivan, an independent researcher turned investigative journalist, in his exhaustive re-examination of the assassination.