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REVIEW: The General by Patrick A. Davis

The General
by Patrick A. Davis

Copyright: 1998
Pages: 401
Rang: 4/5
Read: Nov. 1-9, 2010
Challenge: 2010 100+ Reading Challenge; RYOB 2010
Yearly Count: 59

First Line: I nodded to the rigid marine sergeant stsanding by the door as I turned off the Pentagon’s Eisenhower Hallway into the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Air Force General Watkins, a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has been found dead – by a gruesome, torture-style execution not seen since its use by the Vietcong over twenty years ago. Assigned investigator Lieutenant Colonel Charlie Jensen discovers that this murder is only one link in a chain of hideous crimes, beginning with closely guarded secrets of the Vietnam War and extending to the highest levels of the U.S. government. With lives, careers, and history in the balance, Jensen is caught between blind allegiance to authority and a nobler, higher patriotism. His path to the truth is strewn with mines – and the answers he seeks will have shocking consequences.

Unfortunately, I did not write down my thoughts immediate after I finished this book and somehow time has slipped away from me since I finished reading. That said, I know I enjoyed this book, but I really can’t say much more about it than that. I remember there was a slow start, but once I got into it, the pages flew by. I need to remember never to let so much time go between finishing and writing the review so that I can have something of substance to say. Sorry, readers 🙂

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