Sunday Wrap-Up

Sunday Wrap-Up, March 20, 2011

Well here it is – another week past. I watched a lot of basketball this past week. My bracket is totally messed up – thanks to Morehead State. Oh well. It’s been a really interesting tournament so far, I love this time of year! March Madness is the best!!!! I root for the SIU Salukis, and although we are not in the post-season, we had one team in the Big Dance (Indiana State, who lost Friday night to Syracuse), two teams (Missouri State and Wichita State) in the NIT and 3 other teams in either the CBI or the CIT tournaments. Six teams in post-season play out of a 10 team league is pretty good in my opinion.

On the book front, well I’m watching more TV than I am reading. I’m even watching games online at work, so I haven’t really been reading a lot there either! But I am reading, I did finish and review one of James Patterson’s book. And right now I’m reading Deed So by Katharine Russell, a review book that I’m scheduled for a tour stop through Pump Up Your Book in early April. So I am reading!

Here at the blog, I had a few posts this past week:

  • I shared my mailbox – I keep wondering when I’m going to get my head on straight and stop trading so many book on PBS … probably never 🙂
  • I let you glimpse my wishlist – posted two books that are coming out during my birthday month that are part of two series that I really enjoy (Happy birthday to me!)

I posted one review:

So here we are, another week down. Another week to go. This coming week will be busy for me, I have a dentist appointment (go ahead and kill me now – sorry if any of my readers are dentists/hygenists) and I also have the guys coming on Tuesday to fix the leak that caused our hardwood floors to buckle and rip up half the floor in the dining room and replace the ruined wood. Sometimes I think that the hardwood floors that we put in when we bought the house was the best and worst investment we ever made – this is the second time that we’ve had buckling problems due to water leaking in our house, at least it was in a different place. Oh the joys of homeownership. But the really good thing I’m looking forward to – I will hopefully be getting the iPhone this week :):) My family’s company is on a business plan and that’s what my phone is on and finally there is a line that is up for renewal (not mine, but they let us use each other’s renewals) so I’m getting the iPhone! YAY!!!!!! My husband got his back in February when they came out on Verizon and I’ve been really jealous ever since, haha!

So that’s really my entire update for the week. I guess until next week ….. GO MARCH MADNESS!