Mailbox Monday, Meme

Mailbox Monday, April 11, 2011

Mailbox Mondays

Mailbox Monday is still on tour, with April’s spot being at Passages to the Past.

Slim mailbox this week, but that’s definitely a good thing right now 🙂 I recently signed up for Bookmooch, this is the first book I’ve mooched:

  To pay for her last semester of school, college senior Lily Madison makes the difficult decision to donate her eggs to a fertility clinic. There she meets Peter Kelly, another penniless student who supplements his tuition money by visiting a sperm bank. Bound by their secret, and by a powerful attraction, they continue to think of each other even as life takes them in different directions. Nineteen years later, Pete – now a wealthy entrepreneur – sees Lily in an airport, and falls for her all over again. But while they enjoy their unlikely reunion, a news story about the fertility clinic they visited long ago will have shocking repercussions for both of them…

And this was a PBS Wish List book that I’ve waited a long time for:

    Although the private lives of political couples have in our era become front-page news, the true story of this extraordinary and tragic first family has never been fully told. The Lincolns eclipses earlier accounts with riveting new information that makes husband and wife, president and first lady, come alive in all their proud accomplishments and earthy humanity. Award-winning biographer and poet Daniel Mark Epstein gives a fresh close-up view of the couple’s life in Springfield, Illinois (of their twenty-two years of marriage, all but six were spent there), and dramatizes with stunning immediacy how the Lincolns’ ascent to the White House brought both dazzling power and the slow, secret unraveling of the couple’s unique bond. The first full-length portrait of the marriage of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln in more than fifty years, The Lincolns is written with enormous sweep and striking imagery. Daniel Mark Epstein makes two immortal American figures seem as real and human as the rest of us.

5 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday, April 11, 2011”

  1. These books sound interesting! =)
    Im a member of PBS and love it! however, I havent signed up for Bookmooch do you like it?

  2. Melissa – I like Bookmooch so far. I think I’ve sent out 7 books in the time I’ve been a member, and these were books that had just been sitting on my PBS list for ages. So if you have books you want to move, it’s worth the membership. But the available books aren’t nearly as extensive as PBS. There is an international option where you can get extra points for sending outside your country. You get 1/10th of a point for EVERY book you list (not just the introductory 3 credits like PBS offers). I would recommend it, you can browse what’s available before signing up, so you could check it out before you sign up.

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