Sunday Wrap-Up

Sunday Wrap-Up, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there 🙂

Another week gone by. This week I kind of hit a reading slump. I ended up DNF’ing the book that I was reading and then picking up a “fluff” book to get me back on track (I consider cozies “fluff” because they’re easy reads for me – sorry if that offended cozy lovers, I don’t mean it in a bad way). It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here in Paducah with the river being WAY over the flood stage and flooding going on in Paducah. For those of you who watch national news, you might have heard about the levee that was blasted in order to save Cairo, IL – a tiny town that a lot of people in Missouri wanted to let flood. Well, let me set the record straight, seeing as how the media didn’t really portray the entire picture. When the Army Corps of Engineers decided to blow the levee (after a short-lived courtroom fight from Missouri) that not only saved Cairo, IL it also helped the river level here in Paducah and other places throughout western Kentucky. Before the levee was blasted the river was expected to crest at 58 feet (our flood stage is 39 feet), but after the levee was blasted the river crested earlier and much lower than originally predicted, at 55 feet. However, the only thing that has been reported in regards to this flood is that of Cairo, IL and the decision to blow the levee and flood a lot of farm ground (which, incidentally, was originally set aside for that purpose, in case this ever happened, hence the very short-lived courtroom fight that was continually shot down by the judges, including the United States Supreme Court refusing to even hear the case). But that’s not what’s getting reported. I know a lot more than what has been going on around here because my husband works for the City and is very well-informed as to what is going on, he’s put in a LOT of hours trying to get everything in order for this flood, from making sure all the floodgates get closed to calling people and businesses to inform them of the need to start sandbagging. We have friends who live in another state who called last night and knew hardly anything about what was going on in our area – that’s how little this second-worst flood in history is getting media attention. Pretty sad if you ask me.

*Steps off soap box*

So, it’s been another quiet week here at the blog, with only a few things posted, but here’s what you might have missed:

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