Sunday Wrap-Up

Sunday Wrap-Up, June 26, 2011

Well … I haven’t been keeping up with these weekly wrap ups lately. In fact, I haven’t done a single one since before we left on our Alaskan vacation back in May. I guess I got out of the habit, but I’m going to try to get back into it. I’ve been in somewhat of a reading slump. I mean, honestly, I’ve been reading, but I have just been reading a little bit at a time here and there. I just haven’t felt much like reading. (Although I did devour a book in two days this past week. And I still can’t stop raving about it!) Yesterday I celebrated my birthday early with my family. I got some pretty good gifts and some money. That will definitely come in handy when we go to Vegas next week for my birthday! My husband bought me New Kids on the Block/ Backstreet Boys tickets a long time ago for out there. I couldn’t resist, they will be there on the 3rd and my birthday is on the 5th. I figured, hey, let’s just take one day off work and go! So we are! I’m like a giddy teenager just thinking about it. I am a little young for the NKOTB fan base (although I do know most of their songs), but BSB was my obsession for at least 3 years (approximately ages 12-14). I suppose I don’t need to say that my husband is NOT looking forward to this, but hey, I don’t care! It’s my birthday gift! HAHA!

Okay, so I suppose I should tell you all what went on here at the blog this past week:

And I posted two reviews:

So that’s about it for this past week. Hope everyone has a good week 🙂