Sunday Wrap-Up

Sunday Wrap-Up, July 24 2011

Another week down. It’s amazing how quickly time seems to fly by now. When I was a teenager it seemed as if time inched by. Now in my mid-twenties, with 30 being closer than 20, I can’t keep track of where the time goes. Sometimes I feel like I’m at an awkward age. Not really age, but I’m definitely at an awkward stage in life, it seems. I’m 26. I’ve been married 4 years. If I hear one more question about why we don’t have children, I’m going to scream. Out loud. At the top of my lungs. Seriously. It’s no one’s business but my own. Leave it alone. *Okay, I’ll get off my soap box now*

I got out of my reading slump a little bit. That was definitely a nice feeling. I finished two books this week and I’m almost halfway through the one I’m reading now.

Here’s what happened:

And I posted two reviews:

Hope everyone is staying cool wherever they are. It’s been unbelievably and unbearably hot here in the Midwest. I hope this heat breaks soon. I’m not necessarily ready for snow, but a cool fall will be great! I think the problem is that we had such a short spring here where we live. We had such a rainy spring that there was no time to enjoy the warmer, but not yet hot, weather before the stifling summer heat set in.

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