Baby Book Addict


Let me start by saying that this is unlike any post I’ve ever had here on the blog. It’s very personal and if that bothers you, I’m sorry.

Wow. My second doctor’s appointment was on Monday. I have never been so happy in my life. I got to take home this little keepsake:

That’s our baby! I can’t believe it!! So far everything looks great. The heartbeat was 163. I’ve only gained 1 pound (but it feels like 10!)

I think I had a stomach bug over the weekend. I was miserable on Sunday and into Monday morning. And let me tell you, this was not morning sickness. This was not being able to keep anything down. It was terrible. My doctor prescribed me a couple of days worth of nausea medicine because I was unable to keep even water down Sunday or Monday, but I only took two pills because I don’t want to take any unnecessary medicine right now. By Tuesday I was back to somewhat normal. Whatever normal is right now, haha!

I go back to the doctor Dec. 12th. Annnnnd! He thinks we might be able to find out what we’re having that day! I’m going to get spoiled with these ultrasounds! I had one the first appointment and then I got to take home the above picture during the second and then the third appointment we’re going to try to find out boy or girl.

All I can say is that June can’t come soon enough! I’m so ready to meet this little baby!!