Sunday Wrap-Up

Another Week … Another quiet week on the blog.

Oh my, I am so bad. I have been reading. Just not a whole lot. But the end is finally in sight in the book I’m reading. And of course now it starts to get really good. Last night I read 50 pages and wanted to keep going, but my eyes were closing faster than I could read. Such is life I guess.

It was a rather interesting week for us, to be honest. We met hubby’s brother’s new girlfriend. They were only an hour late meeting up. Being late is my *biggest* pet peeve. It doesn’t make a very good first impression to be that late. 10-15 minutes, I can understand – you get stuck in traffic, you get a late start because you forgot something, etc. But an hour? And the excuse? She was getting her hair done and was late getting back from that. Please. She had all day to get her hair done. And then his brother’s cavalier attitude like they’ve done nothing wrong. Oh no, nothing at all, nope, you’re just an hour late and have made 4 other people be inconvenienced. But there’s nothing wrong with that, right? His brother has the baby-of-the-family can-do-no-wrong syndrome. I really shouldn’t have gotten started, it just irks me the more I think about it. And while she seems nice, I don’t want to get too invested in getting to know her. The last one he had (which was my personal favorite), yeah, I got too attached to her as a friend and then when she dumped him I lost a friend because she went back to her ex-boyfriend and felt it was better to cut ties with everyone associated with him. I can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about everything, so I’m moving on now.

A couple of weeks ago we ordered new carpet for the entire upstairs. We are talking 1000+ square feet of it. Luckily they will move all of our big furniture. However, this does not include bookshelves with books on them. So I’ve been having to think about what the heck I’m going to do with all these books. I figure if I tackle it in small doses, it will be easier to get through. So last night I decided I would start with the books that I have listed on trade sites (Paperbackswap and Bookmooch). I was able to keep them in the same room, just put then on a shelf in the closet in that room. But oh my goodness. I have way too many books. I like to keep a good inventory on PBS because that ups my chances of having books requested from me and it also helps with the Box-of-Books feature. I did start a nice pile of books that I want to donate to my library. Soon I’m going to start tackling the 3 other bookcases. Eek. Yes, I did say *three*. And one of them is absolutely filled to the max. I’m talking books just stacked haphazardly because there’s not enough room. I am going to be making a major purge, I do believe. I say that and then nothing happens. But honestly, I have so many books, some of which no longer interest me. I really need to just donate a lot to the library, because if I just list them on PBS or Bookmooch, that won’t actually be getting them out of the house very quickly. And it sucks because the guy that I used to give a lot of my books to (the ones that wouldn’t move very fast on PBS), well he’s had a very bad stroke.

I tell Nathan that I’m a hoarder or books. I swear I like to own them more than I like to read them. Because as many books as I have, I think I could go my entire life without ever having to buy/acquire another book. Actually sometime last year I calculated up all my books and divided it by the average number of books I read in a year and decided that I could go something like the next 7 years without having to bring another book in the house. Insane, if you ask me. But I guess there could be a lot worse things to be addicted to 🙂

Well I think that’s all I’ve got for today. I will have a Mailbox Monday post coming up tomorrow. Other than that, I hope to get through the last of the book that I’m reading and get a review of it posted. I’m thoroughly enjoying it, I just don’t seem to have the time or the energy to read anymore. So I’m soooooo slow. Ugh. I hope everyone has a good up-coming week!!

2 thoughts on “Another Week … Another quiet week on the blog.”

  1. I joke that I’m a book hoarder as well. There is something so reassuring in knowing that you have plenty of books to choose from when you need a new read. Hope you have a good week!

  2. I agree! I think I would be lost without books around. My grandmother, while not as bad as me, probably has a good 20-30 books around her house and always complains because she has “nothing” to read and has to go to Barnes & Noble constantly, haha!

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