Some people have no concept of what’s important

And by some people I really mean my in-laws.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re nice people. They’ve always treated me great. I love them.

But they can be so senseless. Honestly.

As my loyal readers know, my hometown was hit by a tornado. Six people lost their lives. Including one of my mother-in-law’s co-workers. Hundreds of others were injured. Hundreds of homes were either damaged or destroyed. My mom’s parents lost their home completely, my other grandmother has major damage and my parents have pretty serious damage. I’m feeling the effects of this tornado in a way that a lot of people can’t comprehend.

Which is what brings me to the topic of today’s blog post.

My in-laws have no concept. They just don’t get it.

My baby shower is temporarily called off. It’s honestly the least of my worries. To be completely honest, I’m about 6 seconds away from cancelling the whole damned thing. It’s no longer a priority. It was supposed to be hosted at my grandmother’s house with a local caterer catering. Well as I mentioned above, my grandmother’s house is trashed. And the caterer’s building is shut down for at least another 6-8 weeks after suffering major damage there. And now that I can’t have exactly what I want, I don’t want it at all. I’m stubborn and I don’t like change. But I’m also only going to have one baby shower. I should be particular. I have every right to be. And by golly, I’m the mother-to-be. I should have a pretty good say in what I want for this.

So the last thing I need is my mother-in-law calling up telling me that (a) I don’t have the right stuff on my registry  and (b) I need to hurry up and decide what to do about a date and a place. THIS IS NOT HER SHOWER. I don’t need someone breathing down my back about this. And there is no way on earth will she be hosting this shower – not ever going to happen, not in a million years.

End rant one.

Begin rant two.

So we find out last night that my husband’s 45+ year-old uncle (I honestly don’t know how old he is, all I know is older than 45 and younger than 56) is going to be a father. Again. With a 35-year-old woman he’s been casually dating. I personally don’t see anything wrong with this. They are both old enough to know better, but you know what, things happen. And maybe it’s just my pregnancy emotions, but I don’t see anything really terrible about bringing a child into this world. Sure, it’s not an ideal situation, but nothing in life is ever ideal. But the way his mother was talking, you’d think the world was ending. She actually said that this whole thing was “detrimental to my mom’s health.” Please. She is not in any way, shape, or form on her deathbed. She’s relatively healthy for her age. This is not going to kill her. I’d like to know where they get off thinking they’re so darned perfect. (And I need to add that this is the same uncle that got divorced about 3 years ago, that was a huge scandal as well.)

I guess I am just too liberal for his mother’s family, because their conservative ways of thinking is really starting to get on my nerves. No wonder his dad doesn’t get along with his in-laws, he’s quite liberal as well.

End rant two.

I think that’s all I’ve got for today. I’m almost done with the book that I’m currently reading: The Immortals by J.T. Ellison. It’s only taken forever, but after the tornado hit last week, I haven’t had any time to even think about reading. I hope to finish that up tonight so that I can get a review posted in the next day or two. It sure will be nice to finish a book, it’s been so long I’ve almost forgotten what that feels like!!!

2 thoughts on “Some people have no concept of what’s important”

  1. You have every right to feel the way you do.
    Just tell everyone that the Baby Shower is postponed,…. hopefully they will understand.

    Sending thoughts and prayers to you right now. Im so sorry about the tornadoes.
    I live in Kansas, and it gets scary during tornado season.

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