Meme, Musing Mondays

Musing Mondays, Nov. 11, 2012

Thought I would jump in on this question ­čÖé

What is the most recent book you purchased, or brought home from the local library? What made you pick it? Have you started reading it, right away, or will you wait for a bit?

Oh my answer to this is so, so sad. I was in CVS on Friday evening. And I made the mistake of going down the aisle with the books – hey, it couldn’t be helped, I had to buy a birthday card and it’s in the same aisle!

I had to buy Stieg┬áLarsson’s The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. *Sigh* Please, someone – anyone – hit me upside the head. You may not recall – but I actually DNF the first book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I put it back on my shelf because I intended one day to go back to it. If I’m not mistaken, I believe this happened in 2010. (Yeah, I jus checked – it was 2010). Not to state the obvious – but if I haven’t picked the first book back up again, why on earth would I need the third book in the series? Because I am insane, that’s why. I just keep telling myself “maybe one day….” Yeah, and maybe one day I will win the lottery, never have to work another day in my life and live out my remaining days in my dream house with an awesome ocean view. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

I would like to say that I will get to this book soon. But obviously I have to read the first two in the series. And every review book that I’ve accepted. And anything else I can squeeze in before I get to this one….. see the pattern? Oh well, at least it’s there when I’m ready for it ­čÖé