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First Chapter, First Paragraph Tuesday Intros #9


Diane over at Bibliophile by the Sea hosts this meme.

A Case of Redemption

Today I’m featuring a review book that I am currently reading –A Case of Redemption by Adam Mitzner

“Where should I start?”

This is what my clients would say, back when I had clients. And they’d say it with the utmost sincerity, as if they truly didn’t know how to explain the circumstances that gave rise to their seeking out a criminal defense lawyer who charged a thousand bucks an hour.

It wasn’t that they didn’t know when the facts concerning the crime began, but they wanted to emphasize that there was a context, a preface to all that followed. By indicating they didn’t know where to start, they were telling me that something came before they crossed the line into criminal conduct, and that was important, too.

So, where should I start?

I’ve only got about 100 pages to go before I finish this book and I am really enjoying this one. Look for my review later this week.

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