My Life According to Books 2013

This meme originates with Pop Culture Nerd.

Last year I remember seeing this around the blog-o-sphere and wanted so badly to participate. But since I had Garrett in May last year I had barely read anything and couldn’t fill it out completely and decided to try to watch out for it this year. So I was super excited to see it start to make the rounds again this year! Here goes:

My to-do list looks like: The Never List (Koethi Zan)

If a peeping Tom peeked into my bedroom, he’d: [see] Evidence of Life (Barbara Taylor Sissel)

If martians meed me, they’d thinkThe One I’d Left Behind (Jennifer McMahon)

My doctor is always telling me: [I’m on] The Edge of Normal (Carla Norton)

The weirdest thing that happened this past week: If You Were Here [you’d know] (Alafair Burke)

I often daydream about: The Trajectory of Dreams (Nicole Wolverton)

The government shutdown makes me: [want a] Transfer of Power (Vince Flynn)

If I win the lottery, I’d: [do] Untold Damage (Robert K. Lewis)

My superpower is: Arctic Fire (Paul Byers)

I knew I was a book lover when: [I was] Blindsighted [by Stephen King in high school] (Karin Slaughter)

My blogging experience has been: [a tale of] Resurrect [time after time] (David E. Stevens)


What fun! Hope you join in as well 🙂

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