#TBRChallengeRBR Checkpoint 1


Knock, knock! I am *finally* doing my first check-in … barely sneaking it in at the end of the month! Whew! So when I made my list I knew which books I needed to knock off first. You know, while you still have that fresh, first-of-the-year, read-everything-in-sight feeling? Isn’t there just something lovely about the first of the year and the great prospects it brings with it? I sometimes wonder why we have to have the first of the year for that feeling, but I sure do. Anyway, off topic.

So in January I managed to finish my first (and likely most difficult just due to its sheer size) book for this challenge. I read W.E.B. Griffin’s The Hostage

The Hostage

This book had set on my shelf since early 2009. It did nothing but intimidate me every time I looked at it.

You see, military books are a little out of my comfort zone. Which is funny because I love a good war movie. And I won’t even tell you how often my TV is tuned to the Military Channel…

Add to the fact that this book is 750+ pages.

Yeah ….

So it sat. And sat. And sat some more. I knew it had to make this list if nothing else to get it off of my shelf without regrets, even if it was as a DNF. (I had made multiple book purges and for whatever reason, couldn’t bring myself to part with this one.)

I picked it up first because I knew I needed the first-of-the-year, read-everything-in-sight momentum to tackle it.

And my final thoughts?


I was not impressed overall. It was 750+ pages. It took forever to read. And the worst part?! There was no conclusion!! Mr. Griffin wants me to pick up the next 750+ page book in the series to find out the conclusion to this book! I’ve decided to pass. I probably won’t pick back up with this series. But I will read Mr. Griffin again. I have another book of his from a different series on my shelf that I still want to read sometime (and it’s so not 750+ pages!)

I don’t know what my next read for this challenge will be. I have quite a few review books lined up that I have to get to first. My goal is to read 1 book per month for this challenge just so I’m not rushing to catch up in November 🙂

I hope everyone is having a great start to this challenge, I know I’m glad I got that book out of the way first. I feel like I’m off and running now!