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2014.33 REVIEW – Trunk Music by Michael Connelly

Trunk Music
by Michael Connelly

Copyright: 1997
Pages: 427
Rating: 4/5
Read: July 10-July 19, 2014
Challenge: Official TBR Challenge
Yearly count: 33
Format:  Print
Source: Personal Copy
Series: Harry Bosch #5

Trunk MusicBlurb: When B-grade L.A. movie producer Tony Aliso is found stuffed into the trunk of his Rolls-Royce, all signs point to “trunk music” – a mob hit. Detective Harry Bosch, just back from an “involuntary stress lave,” is not so sure. And when he finds the money trail, he follows it … all the way to Vegas.

Seems this Tony had his share of enemies, and in no time, so does Harry: Vegas thugs, LAPD’s organized crime unit, a smarmy internal affairs investigator and, of course, Tony’s killers. Everyone wants a piece of Harry. And somehow, they’ve found just the way to get it…

Turns out that just before his death, Tony was seen at a Vegas poker table with one Eleanor Wish – ex-FBI agent, ex-convict … and ex-love of Harry’s life. Now it’s time for Harry to keep his cards close to the table – and his enemies even closer before it’s time to face the TRUNK MUSIC.

Review: Oh, Harry … how I love you so much! Seriously, I really like Harry Bosch! I’m slowly making my way through this series, but the books are getting better and better.

This one was a really good installment. I found it so much fun to work the case with Harry. I only had part of the “who-dun-it” figured out before it was finally put together by Harry.

There’s not much else that can be said about an older book that has already been read and reviewed a gazillion times. I liked it and I’m looking forward to the next Harry Bosch book!!

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