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Wrapping Up Bout of Books 11!

Well, what a fun week I had last week! I read a lot more than normal 🙂 And I had a lot of fun! I think my only complaint with what I accomplished was that by Sunday I really ran out of reading steam. I just wasn’t in the mood. Which was a shame, because I had all Sunday to myself … hubs took Garrett up to his parents house for a visit and I was alone from 10am until 6pm. But after a pedicure and grocery shopping, the only thing I had enough energy for was a nap. Anyway, to quickly sum up my Bout of Books progress:

Total pages read: 626
Total time read: 10 hours 23 minutes

Monday August 18 

  • Time read: 121 minutes
  • Pages read: 124 pages
  • Challenges: Book Scavenger Hunt … that was a lot of fun! And my non-bookish friends on Instagram are probably hating me for blowing up their feed temporarily 🙂
    • Also today I finished Father of Fear by Ethan Cross … a review book that I’m scheduled for a review on 9/2. It was really good!!

Tuesday August 19

  • Time read: 162 minutes
  • Pages read: 186 pages
  • Challenges: 0

Wednesday August 20

  • Time read: 60 minutes
  • Pages read: 56 pages
  • Challenges: 0

Thursday August 21

  • Time read: 51 minutes
  • Pages read: 67 pages
  • Challenges: 0

Friday August 22

  • Time read: 84 minutes
  • Pages read: 90 pages
  • Challenges: 0
    • Finished Private: #1 Suspect by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro today.

Saturday August 23

  • Time read: 99 minutes
  • Pages read: 73 pages
  • Challenges: 0

Sunday August 24

  • Time read: 46 minutes
  • Pages read: 30 pages
  • Challenges: 0

I had a wonderful week, and I’m already looking forward to Bout of Books 12 … January 5-11, 2015!!

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