End of Year Wrap-Up

Quick Recap of 2017

So we took off for a quick weekend get away to Savannah, Georgia Dec. 29-Jan 2. Because of that I never really got to take a good look at my 2017 book stats. I still didn’t go as in-depth as I normally do because I simply don’t have the time to sit down and get very in depth statistic wise. So … this is going to be a really quick recap.

In 2017, I read 63 books! That’s the most I’ve read in a year since 2011! Pre-kids, lol! I read 22,180 pages. That averages out to 5.25 books per month and 1,848 pages per month. My slowest reading months were February, September, and December with only finishing 3 books each month. June was my best reading month with 9 books finished. In Of those 63 books, only was non-fiction (boo!) I read mainly mystery/thriller books, but I did venture out a little into a few romances and two YA. My one non-fiction book was a true crime. I read 1 library book, e-books, and 10 review books.

The 8 e-books surprised me – e-reading is not my favorite format, but I did find that Barnes & Noble has a Serial Reads program, which basically gives you access to a free e-book each month. Some of them didn’t interest me, some got me out of my comfort zone.

Reading 63 books in a year is great … until you realize that you added 143 books to your shelves…. oops?! And I won’t tell you how many of those books I acquired I actually read in 2017 …. ::eyeroll::

I’d like to break it down even farther with male vs. female author and series stats, and a few other breakdowns that I find interesting, but I just simply don’t have the time for it.

Oh …. I guess I should have somewhat of a favorite reads list too, huh?! Okay … well, I did read 63 books, but I was quite stingy with my ratings this year. According to Goodreads, I only gave out 2 5-star ratings this year…. wow! And looking back, yeah, I’d still give those 2 books 5-star ratings. So this year, I only came up with 7 best of the best reads.

Absolute PowerCity of BoneseenyHer Last BreathLacy EyeNYPD RedWinter Prey

Well, I guess that’s all I’ve got for now ….. I’ve already finished my first read of 2018 and will be posting a review of that later this week. I’ve also got a few other posts scheduled. I hope to finish the review book I’m reading to get that review posted. I’m also reading Final Girls by Riley Sager and I’m 132 pages into it and it’s fantastic!!

3 thoughts on “Quick Recap of 2017”

  1. I hope you had a nice time in Savannah! I would love to visit there someday. Sounds like you had a great reading year this past year. I’m guessing the books I added to my shelves this past year was pretty high too–I didn’t want to know so avoided counting them all up. It’s probably for the best, sanity wise. LOL

    I haven’t read any of your top books of the year, but they all look so good! I hope to read more mysteries this coming year. I was surprised my numbers were down this year in that regard.

    I hope you have a wonderful 2018 in books and in life!

  2. I’m so excited to hear that you are reading and enjoying Final Girls! I read that one last year and loved it so I’m excited to hear what you think when you finish! It sounds like you had a really great year of reading in 2017. I hope that 2018 goes just as well for you!

  3. It’s always fun too look at your reading numbers pre and post kids isn’t it? I’ve read two for your favorites. I love all of the Davenport books. and I think I read Absolute Power when it first came out way back when. I’m not the biggest Patterson fan but now that I’m working my way through his master class I’ve gained some appreciation. I’ll have to look for that one!

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