Celebrate with Me!!

Dun dun dun…. today I turn the big 3-0! I’ll admit, I’m a little depressed about this. I remember thinking that 30 was soooooo old. And now that it’s here, well it’s not so old anymore ūüėČ

SO! I’m inviting all of you to celebrate my 30th birthday with me. I am hosting a giveaway!!

One lucky winner will receive a $30.00 e-gift card to the e-retailer of their choice. All you have to do to be entered is fill out the form below! Sign ups close July 11th, with the winner being chosen at 5pm central time (unless I forget … which is a distinct possibility!!)

Armchair BEA, Giveaways

Giveaway Winners

No – I didn’t forget all you guys. Life just got in the way and I hadn’t turned on the computer in a few days.

So, picked out the winners. ANNNNND stupid me forgot to include a place on the form for you email address. SO, I have no way of contacting any of the winners ūüė¶ I *hope hope hope* they’re followers and will see this post come through and will contact me ASAP – tara (at) talesofabookaddict (dot) com.

So, the winners are:

Lauren Guilbeau

Tina Kohrman

Shelly Hammond

Carrie Rundhaug

Lauren was the first winner chosen, so she will get first choice of the books and I will go down the list from there. If I don’t here back from any of these winners within 24 hours, I will move everyone up a spot (meaning Tina would be first winner and so on) and choose another.

Thanks everyone for participating and sorry for the inconvenience to the winners.


In the Spirit of the Holidays: A Giveaway

Okay, so I have three books that I am going to offer as a giveaway. I am going to be drawing names for each book separately, but you may sign up for all three books if you want. Just let me know in the comment section your email address and which book(s) you would like to be entered in the drawing for. Here’s the three selections:


When No One is Watching by Joseph Hayes

The Alexandria Letter by George R. Honig

City in Shadow by Evan Marshall

Clicking on the above links will take you to my review of the book.

I will be closing this giveaway for participants on Thursday, Dec. 16th at 6:00pm central time. I will contact the winners through e-mail shortly thereafter. Thanks for entering and good luck!