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Review: Killer Pancake by Diane Mott Davidson

Killer Pancake
by Diane Mott Davidson

Killer Pancake

Copyright: 1995

Pages: 329

Read: May 30 – June 2, 2017

Rating: 4/5

Source: Paperbackswap



Blurb: When Goldy, owner of Goldilocks’ Catering, faces the challenge of whipping up a sumptuous low-fat feast for the Mignon Cosmetic’s company banquet, she rises to the occasion brilliantly … only to discover just how ugly the beauty biz can be!

On the day of the banquet Goldy finds herself confronting an angry mob of demonstrators – “Spare the Hares” – who object to Mignon Cosmetics’ animal-testing policies. As she struggles to carry forty pounds of low-fat fare from her van to the mall where the banquet is being held, she hears an ominous squeal of tires and a horrifying thump. Seconds later, a Mignon employee lies dead on the pavement. And soon the police discover that this hit-and-run was no accident.

Now Goldy is enmeshed up to her saute pans in a homicide investigation. Could the murder have had something to do with Spare the Hares – or with the exotic flower found near the dead body? Though busy serving up Hoisin Turkey and Grand Marnier Cranberry Muffins, Goldy decides to start digging at Mignon’s million-dollar cosmetics counter. But when another murder takes place and Goldy herself is attacked, the caterer turned sleuth knows she must step up her search for a gruesome killer. For this time was only a warning. Next time she’ll be dead – and it won’t be pretty.

Review: It has been ages since I read the fourth book in this series, so I was a little nervous picking up the fifth. However I am happy to say that I easily fell right back in with Goldy and her crew.

I thought that the storyline in this installment was interesting. The killer was not all that surprising, but there were a few times when I was convinced it was someone else. This was an easy read that I enjoyed. It definitely has renewed my interest in reading a bit more from this series.

A fun installment in a fun series – definitely recommended!!

3/5, AUTHOR, Book Review, D, Fiction, Goldy Schulz, RATING, Read in 2011, SERIES

2011.22 REVIEW – The Last Suppers by Diane Mott Davidson

The Last Suppers
by Diane Mott Davidson

Copyright: 1994
Pages: 272
Rating: 3/5
Read: May 2 – 7, 2011
Challenge:  No Challenge
Yearly Count: 22
Format: Print

First Line: Never cater your own wedding reception.

Blurb: It should be the happiest day of Goldy’s life. The Colorado caterer is about to tie the knot witht he man of her dreams, homicide detective Tom Schulz. But minutes before the ceremony is to begin, Tom phones with an urgent message: The wedding is off, and the reason is murder! Tom was on his way to the church when he stopped to pick up Father Olson – and found the rector shot and dying. Yet by the time Tom’s fellow officers arrive at the crime scene, Tom has disappeared, leaving behind a notebook that contains a cryptic message. Has the groom been abducted by the killer? Or has he gotten cold feet and walked out of Goldy’s life? For better or worse, Goldy needs to know the truth. So she puts her exquistely decorated wedding cake on ice and begins to search for clues. What she quickly discovers is that her fiance’s life – and her future happiness – depend on her ability to decipher Tom’s note. For only it can lead her to an unsavory killer whose unholy passion may make Goldy a widow before she’s a widow.

Review: This is the fourth in the Goldy Schulz series. I didn’t find this one as enjoyable as the first three, personally. Overall, it was a good mystery, but it was too religious and preachy at times for my liking. I understood that the mystery itself revolved around the murder of a priest, but it just went one step too far with the religious aspect for my personal taste. I am very curious as to where the next book in this series goes, now that Goldy and Tom are married and Julian got into Cornell. The transition that should be found in the next book will be very interesting, I think. Although this will not be a favorite book of mine in this particular serise, I still recommend this series to everyone (at least those who have been living under a rock and had just now gotten around to reading these books)

4/5, AUTHOR, Book Review, D, Fiction, Goldy Schulz, RATING, Read in 2011, READING CHALLENGES 2011, SERIES

2011.9 REVIEW – The Cereal Murders by Diane Mott Davidson

The Cereal Murders
by Diane Mott Davidson

Copyright: 1993
Pages: 335
Rating: 4/5
Read: Feb. 17 – 22, 2011
Challenge: Mystery & Suspense Challenge 2011 ; TBR Dare
Yearly Count: 9
Format: Print

First Line: “I’d kill to get into Stanford.”

Blurb: Goldy Bear, the premier caterer of Aspen Meadow, Colorado, is no stranger to violence – or sudden death. But when she agrees to cater the first College Advisory Dinner for Seniors and Parents at the exclusive Elk Park Preparatory School, the last thing she expects to find at the end of the evening is the battered body of the school valedictorian. Who could have killed Keith Andrews, and why? Goldy’s hungry for some answers – and not just because she found the corpse. Her young son, Arch, a student at Elk Park Prep, has become a target for some not-so-funny pranks, while her eighteen-year-old live-in helper, Julian, has become a prime suspect in the Andrews boy’s murder. As her investigation intensifies, Goldy’s anxiety level rises faster than her homemade doughnuts … as she turns up evidence that suggests Keith knew more than enough to blow the lid off some very unscholarly secrets. And then, as her search rattles one skeleton too many, Goldy learns a crucial fact: a little knowledge about a killer can be a deadly thing.

Review: This is the third in the Goldy Schulz series. This one was just as good as the first two. I have to say, the students at Elk Park Prep and their parents are all insane!!! But overall I felt like this was another good mystery – I honestly had no clue as to who the killer was until it was revealed in the end. I also enjoy the progress in Goldy and Tom’s relationship. I am interested in seeing what Arch will get into next! I find this to be a fun and easy book series so far, I’m definitely looking forward to reading more of these books. I highly recommend these books to anyone who enjoys a good read.

4/5, AUTHOR, Book Review, D, Fiction, Goldy Schulz, RATING, Read in 2011, READING CHALLENGES 2011, SERIES

2011.8 REVIEW – Dying for Chocolate by Diane Mott Davidson

Dying for Chocolate
by Diane Mott Davidson

Copyright: 1992
Pages: 320
Rating: 4/5
Read: Feb. 11 – Feb. 16, 2011
Challenge: Mystery & Suspense Challenge 2011 ; Take a Chance Challenge 3; TBR Dare
Yearly Count: 8
Format: Print

First Line: Brunch is a killer.

Blurb: Meet Goldy Bear: a bright, opinionated, wildly inventive caterer whose personal life has become a recipe for disaster. She’s got an abusive ex-husband who’s into making tasteless threats, a rash of mounting bills that are taking a huge bite out of her budget, and two enticing men knocking on her door. Determined to take control of her life, Goldy moves her business and her son to the ritzy Aspen Meadow Country Club, where she accepts a job as a live-in cook. But just as she’s beginning to think she’s got it made – catering decadent dinners and posh society picnics and enjoying the favors of Philip Miller, a handsome local shrink, and Tom Schulz, her more-than-friendly neighborhood cop – the dishy doctor inexplicably drives his BMW into an oncoming bus. Convinced that Philip’s bizarre death was no accident, Goldy is soon sifting through the unpalatable secrets of the dead doc’s life. Her sleuthing will toss her into a case seasoned with unexpected danger and even more unexpected revelations – the kind that could get a caterer and the son she loves … killed.

Review: This is the second in the Goldy Schulz series. I really enjoyed this one too. Cozies are not my normal fare, but for whatever reason, I like Goldy’s character. I’m interested in seeing where she goes from here. The plot in this book was really something, I honestly had no clue as to who the bad guy really was until it was revealed. That’s always a nice feeling for me. I did have a slight issue with this Philip Miller making an unexpected appearance as a boyfriend only to be killed off within the first couple of chapters. I am a slight emetophobe (weird, I know), so I like how Ms. Davidson refers to that as “being sick” in her books, that makes it much easier than the v-word for me, which can turn my stomach just seeing the word. I know, I’m really strange. Anyways, I’m definitely looking forward to progressing with this series and see where Goldy and Tom end up, and how Arch turns out, and the “Jerk” (ex-husband) too. I love finding a new series! It’s almost like the first date all over again!

4/5, AUTHOR, Book Review, D, Fiction, Goldy Schulz, RATING, Read in 2011, READING CHALLENGES 2011, SERIES

2011.7 REVIEW – Catering to Nobody by Diane Mott Davidson

Catering to Nobody
by Diane Mott Davidson

Copyright: 1990
Pages: 310
Rating: 4/5
Read: Feb. 6 – Feb. 11, 2011
Challenge: Criminal Plots Reading Challenge; Mystery & Suspense Challenge 2011 ; TBR Dare; TwentyEleven Challenge
Yearly Count: 7
Format: Print

First Line: Catering a wake was not my idea of fun.

Blurb: Catering the wake of her son’s favorite teacher is not Goldy’s idea of fun, especially when her former father-in-law is nearly killed by a cup of poison-laced coffee. Investigating officer Tom Schulz, though smitten with Goldy and her food, is forced to shut down her business – forcing Goldy to root out the person responsible for attempted murder. As Goldy follows the wicked recipe to its logical conclusion, she discovers some very unsavory ingredients flavoring the neighborhood – and poisoning her own family with the bitter taste of deceit and revenge…

Review: This is the first in the Goldy Schulz series. I do not read a lot of cozy books. However, I wanted something fun to read after getting bogged down with a DNF book. So I picked this book up. I really enjoyed it! I like Goldy as a character – she’s likeable and believable. I found the storyline to be interesting, I only had one part of it figured out at the end. And to be completely honest, I don’t even know how Goldy figured out the other part of it! I must have missed some clues somewhere, because it was a surprise to me. I am a serial series reader, so I’ve already picked up the second in this series to begin reading. I’m sure I’m like the last person on the planet to pick up this book and start this series, but I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a good mystery.

Sharing a funny paragraph that made me laugh out loud:

The phone rang again. Alicia couldn’t come: she’d had a blow out on I-70. Her load of pumpkins had exploded like grenades when they hit the concrete. Two dozen cars had spun out in orange slime … no one was hurt … the road was closed so it could be cleaned … traffic had backed up for six miles. With significant understatement, she added, “You can’t imagine the mess.”