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The Marilyn Conspiracy by Milo Speriglio

The Marilyn Conspiracy
by Milo Speriglio
Copyright: 1986
Pages: 216
Rating: 3/5
Read: Jan. 26-Feb. 1, 2008
Challenge: Triple Eight – Biography/Autobiography category
First Line: In the beginning of the Marilyn Conspiracy there was a lifeless hand holding the telephone, the nude body sprawled across the bed, and the house on 12305 Helena Drive.
This book is Milo Speriglio’s attempt to prove that Marilyn Monroe did not commit suicide, but rather, she was a victim of a homicide. Overall, I enjoyed this book. However, I had quite a few problems with it. First of all, I did not like at all how the author organized this work. He broke everything up into sections, for example some chapters were called “The DA,” “The Coroner,” “The Police,” etc. I felt that if he had just laid it all out it in a format where it would read easily, much like a novel, it would have been a much better read. I also had a lot of problems with the way that he concluded the book. Being a history major, I learned that when writing your conclusion, you must be very frank and firm. Instead, what I read seemed more like tip-toeing around what he really wanted to say. It became obvious that he acknowledged that Monroe had a relationship with Robert Kennedy, but felt that Kennedy was not the person behind the murder, but rather the Mafia was in order to strike a blow to RFK’s political future. Unfortunately, he didn’t come out and say that, instead he simply said it was possible. If that is his conclusion, he needs to be forceful. I just feel that this book had a lot of promise, but that the execution just wasn’t there.