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Accident by Danielle Steel

by Danielle Steel
Copyright: 1994
Pages: 439
Rating: 5/5
Read: Feb. 8-11, 2008
Challenge: No challenge; personal read
First Line: It was one of those perfect, deliciously warm Saturday afternoons in April, when the air on your cheek feels like silk, and you want to stay outdoors forever.

Page Clarke’s life is seemingly perfect. She has a loving husband, a beautiful 15-year-old daughter, and a great seven-year-old son. However, one little white lie from their daughter Allyson will cause their lives to come crashing down around them. She tells her mother she’s going out with her best friend Chloe and her father. Instead, they both lie to their parents and meet up to go on a secret date with some older boys from school. Their date seems to go perfectly, with everybody getting along great. However, halfway home, their young lives are shattered by a head-on collision. What Page faces at the hospital is frightening, Allyson may never recover. And to make matters worse, her marriage begins to fall apart at the same time. It’s all Page can do to keep her sanity when her family needs her the most.
I loved this book! It was such a great read! It really surprised me that I enjoyed this book. I have always been so adament about hating romance books and yet I thoroughly enjoyed this one a lot! I’m glad I picked this one up, it’s definitely a good read!