A Quick Post…

…. to let everyone know that I’ve recently moved and am having trouble getting my internet turned on at my new house. I have received three different stories from AT&T in regards to why my internet has yet to be turned on. (1) they lost my original work order (2) their computer system messed up and (3) because of the storm in Kentucky I’m pretty much at the bottom of the list. So I don’t know when I’ll be up and running correctly again. I am SUPPOSED to be turned on on March 3rd (more than a week after I was originally supposed to be turned on). We’ll see. If I’m not up and running by then for whatever reason AT&T is losing my business. So that’s why I’ve been pretty quiet on here, I’ve gotten a couple more books read that I need to post a review on here about but right now I’m “borrowing” internet wirelessly from my new neighbors (welcome to the neighborhood, right, lol!) just long enough to check my e-mail daily. So that’s where I’m at right now and why I’m MIA. I’ll post more when I’m up and running on my own internet.

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