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Mailbox Monday, June 8, 2009

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Tuesday, June 2

The Court by William J. Coughlin The Court by William J. Coughlin

Nine Supreme Court judges will soon decide four history-making cases. Eight of them will split along party lines four to four. The ninth judge, holding the swing vote, will tip the scales of justice. He’s a good man, a fine man, and, unknown to nearly everyone, a dying man – barely kept alive by machines in a very private hospital. High-powered Washington attorney Jerry Green is one of the privileged few who discovers American justice rides on the rise and fall of a respirator. Now he’s been called by the President himself to do something about it. It’s a hunt for truth that will arouse his darkest suspicions … force him to make a shocking choice … and save the legitimacy of American justice. Or shatter it forever …

This book arrived today as part of a two book BOB off of PBS. I have read Coughlin before, I read Proof of Intent either last year or the year before, I’d have to look. I distinctly remember loving the end of that book because it had a great ending courtroom scene. And trust me, with all the books that I read it’s hard for me to remember anything! So I am looking forward to trying another Coughlin book soon!

State of Mind by John Katzenbach State of Mind by John Katzenbach

Twenty-five years ago, Jeffrey and Susan Clayton fled their tyrannical father – a man who was later suspected in the heinous murder of a young student. Though the father was never charged, he committed suicide. Or so it seemed. For someone has sent Susan a cryptic note. Once deciphered, it carries a terrifying message: I have found you. Meanwhile, a serial killer has invaded a tightly controlled community. Is Jeffrey Clayton’s father the source of this latest killing spree? The authorities think so – and they present Jeffrey, now a noted expert on serial killers, with a challenge: Find the butcher responsible for the newborn spate of canrage. Find your father

This was the second book in the BOB offer that came with The Court. I have another Katzenbach book here around the house somewhere, The Analyst. I haven’t gotten to that one yet but when I read the description of this book I had to have it! (I have a serious problem with books, lol). I hope that this one is as good as it sounds!!

Saturday, June 6

A Tisket, A Tasket, a Fancy Stolen Casket by Fran Rizer A Tisket, a Tasket, a Fancy Stolen Casket by Fran Rizer

Mortuary cosmetologist Calamine “Callie” Parrish likes to end her days in a relaxing way – with a Moon Pie, an episode of Six Feet Under, and a few chapters in one of her mystery novels. But right now she’s putting in some overtime at the undertaker’s. When the body of an up-and-coming car dealer Bobby Saxon comes into Middleton’s Mortuary with a hypodermic needle hidden in the neck, Callie realizes there’s a killer on the loose trying to bury some deadly crimes. With a list of suspects that includes Bobby’s dueling ex-wives, rival car dealers, and even her own boss, Callie must unearth the culprit – or she might be next. Callie’s got a knack for making the dead look their best. But no amount of concealer can cover up murder….

Got this one off of my PBS wish list. I had placed it on there a few weeks back because it sounded interesting and I got it relatively quickly. It looks like a quick and mindless read, which (no offense to the people that read strictly cozy mysteries of course), I do not generally read a lot of but tend to like to have a few of them around for brain candy as I like to call it. This one however, sounds humorous from the title and am looking forward to reading it in the near future so that hopefully I’ll come out of this reading slump quicker than I am.