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If I Did It by the Goldman Family

If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer
by The Goldman Family

Copyright: 2006
Pages: 202
Rating: 4/5
Read: June 17-22, 2009
Challenge:  2009 100+ Reading Challenge
Yearly Count: 31

First Line: I’m going to tell you a story you’ve never heard before, because no one knows this story the way I know it.

Unless you were living under a rock in 1994, you know this story. Nicole Brown Simpson & Ron Goldman were brutally murdered one night in June. Her ex-husband, the famous O.J. Simpson was the assumed killer. Practically everyone thought he had done it … but he walked away a free man. Although the Goldman family won in a civil trial, they never got the money out of Simpson that they were awarded. Until one day in 2006 when it came out that O.J. was going to write a book, a so-called confession. They fought him on it, they didn’t want something like that in print. But then they realized that maybe it should be published, but that they wanted the rights to it. Well, they eventually won and the book was published.

Okay, so I was a little young in 1994 … I’m going to out my age here, I was 9. However, I remember the trial in 1995. I remember specifically that I was at Walt Disney World with my grandparents and we could hardly pull my grandfather away from the TV to go to the park because he was glued to the trial. I was obviously too young to really know what was going on. But as I grew up and really got interested in true crime stories I saw many TV specials and books on the trial. I formed an opinion based on what I read. When this book came out a few years ago, I have to admit, I was intrigued. A confession? Really?! But I didn’t really want to buy it. So when I saw it in the library last week I snatched it up knowing now would be a great time to read it. And I have to say, the actual original manuscript written by the ghostwriter after extensive interviews with O.J., it was chilling. It sure seemed more of a confession rather than a “If I had done it, this is how I would have done it.” Whatever your opinion on whether or not O.J. did it, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in this trial.

Mailbox Monday, Meme

Mailbox Monday, June 22, 2009

Mailbox Monday

Mailbox MondaysMonday, June 15
White House Ladies by Webb GarrisonWhite House Ladies by Webb Garrison

Stories about the forty-two men who have held the office of the American presidency are familiar. Although less well known, the first ladies are as intriguing as their mates. Some even make their husbands look bland and colorless. In this entertaining and informative compilation of stories about America’s first ladies, from Martha Washington to Hillary Clinton, Webb Garrison tells of the public roles these women have played and their private accomplishments and peculiarities. Here is an intimate view of the wives of the American presidents and their families.

I received this book from my PBS wishlist. Although a little old (no Laura Bush) I am looking forward to reading this book. I enjoy history and I thought that this would be a great way to learn about all the first ladies.

Friday, June 19
The Dyodyne Experiment by Doulgeris & SantoroThe Dyodyne Experiment by James Doulgeris & V. Michael Santoro

A research team at Dyodyne Labs has developed a remarkable new technology: a microscopic computer system with the ability to secretly track people with pinpoint accuracy. The system, code-named DaNA, is transmitted as a benign virus that passes the tracking system to all who come in contact with its host. The government sees the system as the perfect way to track down a criminal’s accomplices, making it invaluable in bringing down the drug cartel. But when the biggest terrorist attack in U.S. history devastates New York City, the Department of Homeland Security orders the team to launch the untested system to find those responsible. What they uncover is unthinkable – six nuclear bombs hidden in six major cities. And the bombs, controlled by a powerful underground alliance, are part of a much larger global conspiracy. As the team at Dyodyne rushes to track down the terrorists holding the country hostage, they discover yet another threat: DaNA is mutating and may be impossible to control…

I received this book from Merritt Talbott at Phenix & Phoenix Publicity for review. I hope to get to this one quite quickly since it sounds really interesting!!

Saturday, June 20
No One Left to Tell by Jordan Dane No One Left to Tell by Jordan Dane

The body of a brutally slain man is found on the holy grounds of a chapel, and a cryptic message pinned to his chest unravels the lives of people touched by a dark secret. Detective Raven Mackenzie and her partner uncover the dead man’s connectin to a powerful female crime boss, leading them to her mysterious head of security, Christian Delacorte, who soon becomes the prime suspect. Yet when Raven sifts through Christian’s past, she discovers the man is plagued by deeply rooted nightmares – and a shadowy childhood tragedy linking him to the case. Convinced his past holds the key to finding the real killer, she defies her partner, following her gut instincts and trusting her undeniable bond with Christian. But Raven shares her own date with destiny when she crosses paths with a heartless killer. And when he unleashes his rage, there will be no one left to tell.

I received this book from FrugalReader. I have been seeing the name Jordan Dane pop up randomly on sites that I was on, as well as browsing through some of my online buddies’ wish lists. She sounds like an author that I would love, so I ordered this book (and another one of hers) from FrugalReader and I’m definitely looking forward to them!!!!

Also – as a side note … I didn’t receive them in my mailbox (I went to the bookstore, bad Tara) … but this week I also purchased:

  • Drop Shot by Harlan Coben
  • High Five by Janet Evanovich
  • The Death List by Paul Johnston
  • Down River by John Hart
  • Dance of Death by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child