Buster says …



So we got Buster fixed yesterday. I was hoping that he would be a good little boy and not give us any trouble this weekend while he’s still recovering from his surgery. …. WRONG, oh boy was I ever WRONG! He slept the entire ride home from the vet and was kind of out of it for a little bit. But by 8pm last night, he was ready to romp! And when I say romp, I really mean it. We usually take him to the hallway upstairs, shut all the doors, and play fetch. He was ready to go play that! He’s been a handful to say the least 🙂 Hopefully we’ll all survive this weekend!!

2 thoughts on “Buster says …”

  1. Oh, poor Buster!! *laughs* Raven is due to be spayed … probably in August if I can find a good time to do it. I always feel so bad for them right afterwards, but the thought of NOT doing it is not even a possibility!

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