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Monday Musings – Aug. 10, 2009

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Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about publishing houses …

Do you have a favourite publishing house — one that puts out books that you constantly find yourself wanting to read? If so, who? And, what books have they published that you’ve loved? (question courtesy of MizB)

Okay, so this is an interesting question. I will have to say that I’ve never really paid all that much attention to publishing houses. Sure, it’s something that I tend to look at when I’m looking at a book, but it’s not something that makes me pick the book up. I really prefer to read books based on my previous experience with certain authors that I’ve enjoyed, or even recommendations from people in real life and the blogger world. To be honest with you, I dont think I could even tell you the publishing houses that are responsible for some of my favorite books, it’s just not something that I’m concerned with in general. However, now that this questin has been asked, I will probably be a little more aware of the publishing houses when looking at books.

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