Monthly Wrap Up

November 2009 Wrap-Up

November 2009 Wrap-Up

Here’s my end of the month wrap-up:

  1. Silent Witness by Richard North Patterson
  2. The Eleventh Victim by Nancy Grace
  3. The Murder of King Tut by James Patterson & Martin Dugard
  4. Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris
  5. Denial by Keith Ablow

Here are some statistics in regards to my reading:

  • Books read: 5
  • Pages read: 1,849
  • New Authors: 1
  • Fiction: 4
  • Nonfiction: 1
  • Read for Challenges: 5

I didn’t read as many off of my shelves as I would have liked to, but I had three books that I had on a wait list at the library come available within almost 3 days of each other, so I had to read them first. But I was able to finish a series that I loved this year and read a non-fiction book, so I’m still pleased with this month’s reading.

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