Monthly Wrap Up

January 2017 Wrap Up

Hm. So I didn’t manage to blog a single book from my January reading. Oops! So I’ll just lump ’em all together in this handy dandy wrap up 🙂


This was my first read of the year. I picked it up mainly because it started with a “Q” and fulfilled quite a few of my Goodreads challenges. Overall I liked it. But it ultimately was slightly forgettable. So I probably wouldn’t be recommending this one to everyone I see…





This was a cute and fun read! I liked it well enough to go ahead and order the second and third books in the series from Paperbackswap. I don’t read a ton of paranormal or cozy mysteries, but this one was an enjoyable blend of those two genres.




This was definitely outside my comfort zone for sure. And I think I may have been more generous than I should have on GR when I rated it at 4 stars. Looking back on it, this was probably more of a 3 star read for me. It was ok, but not something that really did much for me. I didn’t find it as creepy as it could have been…




This book!  I will be singing its praises all year! This one was my first 5 star read of 2017! And I’m kicking myself for not starting this book sooner than I did! It sucked me in from the beginning and I couldn’t get to the end soon enough. I just absolutely loved it. LOVED it. Highly, highly, highly recommended!!




I snuck this one in at the last minute. I can always count on James Patterson for a quick and easy read. This one was enjoyable, but I found the three separate storylines to be a little overwhelming. Why does Mr. Patterson always feel there has to be so much going on? But it was nice to join up with the Women’s Murder Club for another installment and I always look forward to more!

Monthly Wrap Up

August & September 2015 Wrap Up

Well somewhere along the line I skipped the August wrap-up. Oops. So I figured I’d just go ahead and wrap August and September up together. I’ve had some strange reading habits lately. I went on vacation in early September and read up a storm. But I haven’t even picked up a book in over a week now. So I don’t know what’s going on with that. I’ll get back to it eventually 🙂

August: 4 books (YTD: 29)

Flesh and BloodIn Search of the Rose NotesBlonde Hair, Blue EyesCoercion

  1. Flesh and Blood by Patricia Cornwell – REVIEW
  2. In Search of the Rose Notes by Emily Arsenault – REVIEW
  3. Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes by Karin Slaughter – REVIEW
  4. Coercion by Tim Tigner – REVIEW

September: 3 books (YTD: 32)

Everything She ForgotBlackberry WinterThe Girl on the Train

  1. Everything She Forgot by Lisa Ballantyne – REVIEW
  2. Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio – REVIEW
  3. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins – REVIEW

Pages Read: 2,245 (YTD: 10,399)

Books Received: 9 (See list here)

  • Hard Copy Review Book: 4
  • Purchased new: 3
  • Traded for: 1
  • Paperbackswap: 1

Hopefully I can get out of this reading slump funk I’m in soon and have some great reading ahead of me. It’s not like I don’t have enough books to choose from… ha! I also hope to be getting a post written up documenting our vacation pretty soon. I just don’t seem to have the time (or effort) to want to sit down and draft anything up right now. Happy reading everyone!!


Monthly Wrap Up

July 2015 Wrap Up

July shaped up to be a really good reading month for me. In fact, it was the best month I had in terms of numbers of books I read all year! I’m overlooking the fact that 2 of tho se “books” I read were novellas. I was just reading up a storm all month long! I found myself reading three e-books in a row … something I never do. But it’s so easy to read an e-book while feeding a baby 🙂

July: 6 books (YTD: 25)

Back SpinStand DownThose Wild, Wild Kennedy BoysThe Forgotten OnesSpy TradeThe Night Sister

  1. Back Spin by Harlan Coben – REVIEW
  2. Stand Down: A Novella by J.A. Jance – REVIEW
  3. Those Wild, Wild Kennedy Boys! by Stephen Dunleavy & Peter Brennan – REVIEW
  4. The Forgotten Ones by Brian McGilloway – REVIEW (coming 8/11/15)
  5. Spy Trade: A Novella by Matthew Dunn – REVIEW (coming 8/5/15)
  6. The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon – REVIEW (coming 8/7/15)

Pages Read: 1,357 (YTD: 8,154)

Books Received: 13 (See list here)

  • Hard Copy Review Book: 2
  • Purchased new: 2
  • Purchased used: 4
  • Paperbackswap: 5

I’m looking forward to August. I’ve got some great upcoming reviews to share with you, plus I’ve got some great reading ahead of me! AND … I’m in countdown mode to our vacation in September. I’m so excited. My husband and I have actually not been on vacation since LAST September. That’s so unusual for us. But with my pregnancy having some bumps along the way and then moving, there was no time to travel anywhere other than 1 night away to Nashville. I’m also excited because it’ll be Garrett’s first cruise! I am a huge fan of cruises (Nathan, not so much) and I hope that Garrett shares my love of them! Sadly we have to leave Katelyn home with my parents this time because she’s not old enough for a cruise yet (they require them to be 6 months old). So it will be my first time away from her overnight since she was born … and it will be 8 very long nights without her. But she’ll get to go to Disney World with all of us in December so I’m looking forward to that as well 🙂

That’s about all I have for this month. Happy reading!!

Monthly Wrap Up

April, May & June 2015 Wrap Ups

So um…. yeah, I know I’ve been more than a little MIA here on the blog. That’s what happens when you spend all of April in the fog of pregnancy brain and May welcoming a new little one and June seeing your daughter in surgery. So I wanted to spend a few minutes wrapping up the last 3 months of my reading (as if there’s that much to wrap-up…..)

April: 3 books (YTD: 15)

A Dream Called MarilynInnocent DamageLosing Faith

  1. A Dream Called Marilyn by Mercedes King – REVIEW
  2. Innocent Damage by Robert K. Lewis – REVIEW
  3. Losing Faith by Adam Mitzner – REVIEW

May: 1 book (YTD: 16)

Mr. Mercedes

  1. Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King – REVIEW

June: 3 books (YTD: 19)

The Truth and Other LiesMiseryThe Silent Wife

  1. The Truth and Other Lies by Sasha Arango – REVIEW
  2. Misery by Stephen King – REVIEW
  3. The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison – REVIEW

Pages Read: 2,173 (YTD: 6,797)

Books Received: 42 (See list here)

  • Hard Copy Review Book: 2
  • Purchased new: 2
  • Purchased used: 21
  • E-Book purchased: 1
  • Paperbackswap: 9
  • Grandmother: 7

Not sure my reading is going to improve any time soon … my maternity leave is over after the 4th of July. But luckily I will only be working part-time. I have signed up for some challenges on my Goodreads groups that have me super excited to cross off some TBR books. Hopefully I can get into some kind of a groove now that Katelyn seems to be sleeping more at night now.

PS … spread the word. There’s going to be a giveaway here on my blog celebrating my birthday (July 5th). It’s going to be a good one you won’t want to miss!!! Stay tuned….