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June 2018 Wrap Up

June was a much better month … a lot more relaxed for sure! And after the craziness that May brought I was definitely glad for a break 🙂 Plus we’re getting super close to my birthday 😀

My reading was decent, I didn’t read as many books as I wanted to, but I read two chunkier than normal books. But the quality of my reading was spot on this month!!

What I finished in June [clicking on the covers will take you to my review; except for Widows… that will post in the coming days]:

The Great AloneJar of HeartsAssassinThe Widows of Malabar Hill

See? A great reading month quality wise! I read The Great Alone for MMD’s June book club selection – I really loved it! Such a wonderful book with some pretty serious stuff – it made for great discussion in the book club’s forums. Jar of Hearts was an impulse NetGalley request that ended up being a home run! Assassin was a good book just a tad bit too long for my tastes. The Widows of Malabar Hill is the July selection on MMD’s book club. I had to use the interloan library request at my local library to receive it from an area library and it ended up coming in a lot faster than I had anticipated (I’d never used that feature before and didn’t know how long processing would take – it’s a lot faster than I anticipated!) so I read it early for book club since I didn’t want to keep it out too terribly long.  It was a good book, a historical mystery set in 1920s Bombay and I definitely enjoyed it more than I anticipated!!

Here’s a round up of what was posted on the blog in June:

I didn’t really post as much as I had wanted to, just enough to keep ahead of myself in reviews and some fillers. I feel like I’m in such a rut, but at the same time I’m glad that I’ve established a somewhat steady schedule. I know I sometimes feel as if it’s the same stuff every single week (and it is … just with different books featured), but it’s hard to keep up with the blog at times. 😦

I don’t think I’ve shared anything here about the fitness journey I’ve embarked on. I’ve began running. I’m doing Couch 2 5K. … slowly! Ha! In reality I can probably walk faster than I run. But for the most part I’m enjoying it. It’s hard though… I’ve never been a runner, ever, so those early weeks were hard. I’m on week 8 of the program and while I can’t say it’s any easier, I haven’t given it up yet. Not even after I fell down on the sidewalk and banged up my knee pretty badly. So that must be saying something. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m really enjoying the changes in my body. I haven’t lost much weight, but I’ve definitely lost inches and my legs are not as jiggly 😀 I’ve signed up to do a 5K in my town in September. I may be ready by then, ha! We’ll see. My longterm goal is to eventually run the Iron Mom Half Marathon in Paducah …. but I’ve been running for 8 weeks and I haven’t ever gone 3 miles in 30-35 minutes … so it may take me years to build up to 13 miles!

We got one date night this month …. Nathan cooked us some steaks at home and then we went to see Solo …. while the movie was overall good it sure did have a slow-as-molasses beginning.

We’ve survived the first month of Garrett’s summer break. He’s done Vacation Bible School and a Lego Camp. In July I think we’ll sign him up for a basketball camp. Other than that I’m not sure what we’ll do. I didn’t really want to put him in full-time care anywhere, so we’ve been figuring it out as we go. Luckily we have family close by so they’ve been helping out a lot. And I have the ability to work from home as well. That definitely makes a big difference.

I think that’s about all I’ve got for now … until next month, happy reading 🙂

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