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April 2019 Wrap Up

Where. Has. This. Year. Gone?!

Like seriously! It’s just insane thinking to me that it’s nearly May. Just crazy. Plus May is an insane month in my world – both kids birthdays, our wedding anniversary plus it’s the end of the school year and t-ball/baseball season is getting into full swing. It’ll be go go go around here until nearly July. Whew.

So my April reading was really amazing. I read so many books this month! I was able to finish a total of SEVEN books! Yes! Seven! It’s been my best reading month this year, so I’m really happy with it. Of course I read some really good and fast paced books this month, so that probably helped a great deal. Anyway, here’s what I read in April:

Purple HibiscusWish You Were HereShoot Him If He RunsThe Couple Next DoorJohn Adams (Smith)The Liar's GirlThe Shadow Writer

Told you – a lot of good books! It’s really hard for me to designate my “favorite” of the month. They were all good in their own way. It’s definitely somewhere between The Couple Next DoorThe Liar’s Girl and The Shadow Writer. What can I saw – I’m a sucker for a domestic thriller, ha! Purple Hibiscus really shocked me; it was the Modern Mrs. Darcy April book club selection and way out of my comfort zone, but I ended up really enjoying it a lot more than I had thought I was going to.

Blog posts other than my reviews included:

Off the blog it was a relatively quiet month for us. I got a new vehicle (woo!) – went with a Jeep Grand Cherokee … talk about a nice vehicle! We hosted Easter at our house. Work has picked up considerably, so that’s been a nice change. Oh and our 3 year old refrigerator died – GRRR! I’m still steaming mad about the whole situation. We have an LG (stupid on our part looking back, but our spot is an odd size and we were kind of limited as to what would fit in the hole) but thankfully the compressor is still under warranty, so we will be getting that fixed (hopefully!) by the time you read this. And I’m sure we will be starting an appliance fund, because a simple Google search brought up the fact that LG refrigerators apparently have known compressor problems. If we get another 3 years I suppose I’ll be happy, but at that point I’m going to want to change out the whole set and get entirely new appliances. 😀

So that’s about all I’ve got this time. I guess until next time — happy reading 🙂

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