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REVIEW: London Bridges by James Patterson

London Bridges
by James Patterson

Copyright: 2004
Pages: 378
Rating: 3/5
Read: July 5-10, 2010
Challenge: 2010 100+ Reading Challenge; Countdown Challenge 2010; RYOB 2010
Yearly Count: 34

First Line: Colonel Geoffrey Shafer loved his new life in Salvador, Brazil’s third-largest city and some would say its most intriguing.

One of Alex Cross’s worst nightmare has come true: the Wolf and the Weasel are working together and what they are capable of together is incomprehensible. It begins when a small Nevada town is completely destroyed by a bomb. The Wolf takes credit for the destruction. This automatically brings Alex Cross in on the case. But the Wolf is far from done; he is giving law enforcement four days to come up with some serious money or else he will obliterate major cities, including London, Paris, and New York. Alex will run like crazy for those four days in order to figure out the identity of the Wolf and end this once and for all.

This is the 10th book in the Alex Cross series. Overall, I was not as impressed by this book as I have been with other books in this series. I had some serious problems with the plot, it felt a little more forced and choppy in places than other Alex Cross novels. There seemed to be a lot of jumping around back and forth and I had some trouble following where Alex was at a few times. There also seemed to be quite a few too many false leads and bad guys, I understood why Patterson chose to write this book in that fashion, but I just didn’t care for this strategy. That’s not to say that the book wasn’t enjoyable, because it was good. But I was just a little bit disappointed with it.

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REVIEW: The Coffin Dancer by Jeffery Deaver

The Coffin Dancer
by Jeffery Deaver

Copyright: 1998
Pages: 532
Rating: 5/5
Read: June 24 – July 4, 2010
Challenge: 2010 100+ Reading Challenge; Celebrate the Author Challenge 2010; Random Reading Challenge; RYOB 2010
Yearly Count: 33

First Line: When Edward Carney said good-bye to his wife, Percey, he never thought it would be the last time he’d see her.

Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs have to pair up again to hunt down the Coffin Dancer – an ingenius killer who changes his appearance as often as most people change their clothes. They only have one clue – a tattoo on the killer’s arm is reportedly that of the Grim Reaper dancing with a woman in front of a coffin. Lincoln and Amelia have so little to work with, but they must find out who the killer is before more people die.

This is the second book in the Lincoln Rhyme series and I loved it!! It was so fast paced and so full of twists and turns. The plot was interesting as well. But I did have one issue with Amelia’s jealousy of another woman who supposedly has Lincoln’s interest. The jealousy was so unbecoming and I also felt as if it was a little forced, a male author (no matter how skilled) really didn’t capture the feelings Amelia would have felt like a woman author would have. It just didn’t work out all that great in my opinion. It definitely didn’t do anything about my opinion about Amelia’s character. But overall I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to see where this series goes next!