Yep, I Got One :)

I am pleased to announce that I am the very proud owner of the new Nook Color!!! My parents gave this to me for Christmas and they let me have it early 🙂 Mom got one too, so we have linked our Nooks to the same B&N account so that we can share books without having to use the Lend Me feature. I have already finished one book on my Nook and am working on my second book. I was able to sign up with and I can request e-Books to review from there. I am such a lucky gal. I was on the fence about an e-reader for a really long time, and I was probably a little premature simply because I have GAZILLIONS of books on my TBR shelves. But I’m pleased with my gift and look forward to many, many future hours reading with it 🙂

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