Status on Series Reading, Dec. 2010

Well, anyone who follows my blog probably knows that I am a huge fan of reading books that are part of a series. I love getting to know the characters. Sometimes it feels as if I’m with friends when I pick up a good series. Anyways, I wanted to sit down and evaluate where I am in regards to my series reading before the end of the year. I had said in late 2009 that 2010 would be the year that I would really focus on getting caught up with some of the series that I had started. I am pleased as to the progress that I have made this year. I really stepped back from challenges and focused on reading the books that I wanted to read. I didn’t accept as many review books as was pitched to me because I wanted to only read what appealed to me the most. I might not have read as many books as I would have liked this year, but I am very happy with what I have read. Anyways, back to book series:

Series that I started this year:

  • Body Farm by Jefferson Bass
    • Carved in Bone
  • Camel Club by David Baldacci
    • The Camel Club
    • The Collectors
  • Thomas Pitt by Anne Perry
    • The Cater Street Hangman
  • Dirk Pitt by Clive Cussler
    • Pacific Vortex!

Series that I caught up with this year:

  • Maggie O’Dell by Alex Kava
    • Exposed
    • Black Friday
    • Damaged
  • Jane Rizzoli & Maura Isles by Tess Gerritsen
    • The Apprentice
    • The Sinner
    • Body Double
    • The Mephisto Club
    • The Keepsake
    • Ice Cold
  • Women’s Murder Club by James Patterson
    • The 9th Judgment
  • Hailey Dean by Nancy Grace
    • Death on the D-List

Series that I worked on this year:

  • Alex Cross by James Patterson
    • Four Blind Mice
    • The Big Bad Wolf
    • London Bridges
    • Cross
  • Kay Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell
    • Body of Evidence
    • All That Remains
    • Cruel and Unusual
    • The Body Farm
    • From Potter’s Field
    • Cause of Death
    • Unnatural Exposure
    • Point of Origin
    • Black Notice
    • The Last Precinct
    • Blow Fly
    • Predator
  • Alex Delaware by Jonathan Kellerman
    • Blood Test
  • Lincoln Rhyme by Jeffery Deaver
    • The Coffin Dancer
  • Michael Bennett by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
    • Step on a Crack
    • Run For Your Life
  • Tom Kirk by James Twining
    • The Black Sun
  • Taylor Jackson by J.T. Ellison
    • 14

Books that I read that are part of a series, but picked up in the middle of the series:

  • The President’s Assassin by Brian Haig (Sean Drummond) 
  • City in Shadow by Evan Marshall (Anna Winthrop) 

So the first thing that catches my eye about the list is the fact that I was able to catch up on as many series that I started, that’s a great thing in my opinion. I also am happy with where I am on the Kay Scarpetta series – although it has definitely gone downhill as it progressed, I’m still interested in it (although I have trouble understanding how Kay can seemingly have a new job in a new city in practically every book…). I’m a little disappointed that I have only read one Kellerman book and one Deaver book, I had wanted to get a little bit farther on those two series than I did this year, but overall I’m very pleased as to where I stand in regards to my series reading.


2 thoughts on “Status on Series Reading, Dec. 2010”

  1. Boy oh boy, that is a tough question. I watched the television series as well and LOVED it. The first book was great, but if you remember much about the first show on the tv series, well that’s pretty much what the first book was about. The most recent book was not the best in the series in my opinion. However, I don’t think that you would necessarily be disappointed in the books after enjoying the show. But you just have to keep in mind that the show is a little bit different. I would recommend giving the series a try.

    By the way – I was browsing your blog and saw the link to – I am in love!! I just signed up and already have 23 series listed! I’m so glad you shared that with your readers 🙂

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