Status on Series Reading, Dec. 2010

Well, anyone who follows my blog probably knows that I am a huge fan of reading books that are part of a series. I love getting to know the characters. Sometimes it feels as if I’m with friends when I pick up a good series. Anyways, I wanted to sit down and evaluate where I am in regards to my series reading before the end of the year. I had said in late 2009 that 2010 would be the year that I would really focus on getting caught up with some of the series that I had started. I am pleased as to the progress that I have made this year. I really stepped back from challenges and focused on reading the books that I wanted to read. I didn’t accept as many review books as was pitched to me because I wanted to only read what appealed to me the most. I might not have read as many books as I would have liked this year, but I am very happy with what I have read. Anyways, back to book series:

Series that I started this year:

  • Body Farm by Jefferson Bass
    • Carved in Bone
  • Camel Club by David Baldacci
    • The Camel Club
    • The Collectors
  • Thomas Pitt by Anne Perry
    • The Cater Street Hangman
  • Dirk Pitt by Clive Cussler
    • Pacific Vortex!

Series that I caught up with this year:

  • Maggie O’Dell by Alex Kava
    • Exposed
    • Black Friday
    • Damaged
  • Jane Rizzoli & Maura Isles by Tess Gerritsen
    • The Apprentice
    • The Sinner
    • Body Double
    • The Mephisto Club
    • The Keepsake
    • Ice Cold
  • Women’s Murder Club by James Patterson
    • The 9th Judgment
  • Hailey Dean by Nancy Grace
    • Death on the D-List

Series that I worked on this year:

  • Alex Cross by James Patterson
    • Four Blind Mice
    • The Big Bad Wolf
    • London Bridges
    • Cross
  • Kay Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell
    • Body of Evidence
    • All That Remains
    • Cruel and Unusual
    • The Body Farm
    • From Potter’s Field
    • Cause of Death
    • Unnatural Exposure
    • Point of Origin
    • Black Notice
    • The Last Precinct
    • Blow Fly
    • Predator
  • Alex Delaware by Jonathan Kellerman
    • Blood Test
  • Lincoln Rhyme by Jeffery Deaver
    • The Coffin Dancer
  • Michael Bennett by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
    • Step on a Crack
    • Run For Your Life
  • Tom Kirk by James Twining
    • The Black Sun
  • Taylor Jackson by J.T. Ellison
    • 14

Books that I read that are part of a series, but picked up in the middle of the series:

  • The President’s Assassin by Brian Haig (Sean Drummond) 
  • City in Shadow by Evan Marshall (Anna Winthrop) 

So the first thing that catches my eye about the list is the fact that I was able to catch up on as many series that I started, that’s a great thing in my opinion. I also am happy with where I am on the Kay Scarpetta series – although it has definitely gone downhill as it progressed, I’m still interested in it (although I have trouble understanding how Kay can seemingly have a new job in a new city in practically every book…). I’m a little disappointed that I have only read one Kellerman book and one Deaver book, I had wanted to get a little bit farther on those two series than I did this year, but overall I’m very pleased as to where I stand in regards to my series reading.