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2011.10 REVIEW – The Tenth Justice by Brad Meltzer

The Tenth Justice
by Brad Meltzer

Copyright: 1997
Pages: 483
Rating: 5/5
Read: Feb. 23 – 28, 2011
Challenge: Mystery & Suspense Challenge 2011 ; TBR Dare; What’s in a Name 4 Challenge
Yearly Count: 10
Format: Print

First Line: Ben Addison was sweating. Like a pig.

Blurb: Ben Addison, fresh from Yale Law, is a new clerk for one of the Supreme Court’s most respected justices. But when he accidentally reveals the secret outcome of an upcoming decision, a blackmailer makes millions and Ben starts to sweat. Big time. He turns to his co-clerk, Lisa, and his housemates, Nathan, Eric, and Ober, for help. Washington’s best and brightest, they offer coveted insider access to the State Department, a major Washington newspaper, and the Senate. But before they know it, their careers – and their lives – are on the line.

Review: Since reading The Inner Circle (via NetGalley) late last year, I have been wanting to read more Brad Meltzer. This is the first book that Meltzer wrote and I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I did have one slight problem – about 100 pages could have been cut out. It’s not like it was really a drawn out book, but I felt like some of it could have been cut. There were numerous twists and turns throughout this book. In the end, I was still surprised at what unfolded. While reading I continuously went back and forth trying to figure out what was really going on. And just when I thought it was the end, there was another twist. It was a really good storyline. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good legal thriller.


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