Sunday Wrap-Up

Sunday Wrap-Up, March 27, 2011

Another week. Where do these weeks keep going? I really wish I knew! It’s like I blink and it’s almost April! Oh well. It was an eventful week for me. I had to go to the dentist (I hate dentists, sorry!) and it was my first time going to a new one here in Paducah – everyone was really nice, so I’m glad I found a good one! That was on Monday. On Tuesday, I had to wait for the guys to come and fix our leak and hardwood floors that buckled from the leak. That was fun. Oh and then I also had to wait for the air conditioning guy to come and fix our A/C, we had a defrost board go bad. That was a lot of fun. So all in all, it was a VERY expensive week. And although I only worked 3 of the 5 days this week, they were very long days at work. I work in a concrete company and rain is not good for pouring concrete. Oh and let’s not talk about the fact that it’s Spring and yet it is absolutely FREEZING out there! We even had snow flurries yesterday! But, I live in western Kentucky, so it could be 70 tomorrow, you never know what the weather will do around here. Although I don’t think 70s is happening yet, maybe by the middle of the week…. *wishful thinking, at least!*

I think I had a good week here on the blog:

  • I actually did NOT have a Mailbox Monday – I know, right? Couldn’t believe it either!!
  • I did talk about my bookish pet peeves on Top Ten Tuesday
  • I admitted my addiction to owning books
  • I finally spilled the beans about wanting to take a break from accepting review books.

I posted one review: Blood of My Brother by James LePore

So there you have it – that’s my weekend update. Oh one more thing!!! I FINALLY GOT AN iPHONE!!! YAY! I am so happy! My husband got his back in February when Verizon announced and I have been (not so) patiently waiting to get one! It is only a gazillion times better than my old Blackberry was. LOVE IT! Well, I think that’s it. Have a great week! And GOOOO BUTLER (that’s who I got in the office pool) – but I’m really rooting for Kentucky!


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