Sunday Wrap-Up

Sunday Wrap-Up, May 1, 2011

Another week gone by. And what a week it has been. For all those out there who do not own a house … DO NOT buy one! It just seems like one thing after another. Found out we have the start of termites – luckily we found it early enough that there is little to no damage. But it’s still gonna cost us $1000 to get the treatment. Ugh. If there was ever a lemon of a house, I swear, we own it. When we bought our house in 2008 it was only four years old. Fast forward three years, and it’s now 7 years old – according to my mother we’ve hit that spot where things are going to start to go downhill. She said that if we take care of everything now, we should get a break for another 5 or so years. I hope that’s true. Of course, it’s highly doubtful that we will still be in this house in 5 years, but you never know what will happen. I know I’ve been quiet again this week. There were two nights that I didn’t even turn the computer on. I’ve been noticing myself doing more and more of that here lately. It also didn’t help that I have been completely wrapped up in everything to do with the royal wedding. I am writing this on Saturday and honestly, I am doing so while I am watching my DVR’d version of the wedding. From what I have already seen online, it looks like it was a beautiful event. I wish the royal couple a very happy life, and Catherine (can’t call her Kate, anymore) was simply stunning. Nathan just called me a nerd for recording the wedding.

Anyways, here’s what you missed this week at the blog:

One review:

And I also posted my monthly wrap-up.

My reading has slowed down. I’m currently reading Undercurrents by Ridley Pearson. I like it, but it’s not going as fast as my two previous books did. So I hope that everyone has a good week coming up 🙂

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