DNF Books

2011 DNF #3 – Undercurrents by Ridley Pearson

by Ridley Pearson

Copyright: 1988
Pages: 435
Format: Print

Blurb: Seattle is a city paralyzed by fear. A serial killer is loose on its streets. And as each new victim surfaces – chest slashed, eyes taped open – the tide of panic rises. Driven by guilt and frustration, too exhausted to consider stopping, Detective Lou Boldt thinks he’s finally gotten the break he needs to end the Cross Killer’s twisted spree. But each new clue contradicts another. And each new corpse mocks Boldt’s efforts. To fathom the silent tale told by the latest corpse washed up in Puget Sound, Boldt has to go beyond every state-of-the-art method at his disposal. But as he gets closer to the truth, he travels deeper into the tortured mind of a relentless killer … into the depths of his own fear … and into a whirlpool of madness more frightening than his worst nightmares.

This is the second time that I have tried to read this book and failed. So I figure that this book must not be for me. I have read a Ridley Pearson book in the past, Beyond Recognition, and I remember really enjoying it. But this book definitely does not make the cut in my opinion. It just wasn’t for me.

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